Apply for Homeless Prevention / Homeless Rapid-Rehousing Assistance

Are you currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless?
This program is designed to prevent homelessness by providing temporary rental and/or utility assistance for eligible low income individuals and families who are currently homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.


Check Eligibility

  • If you are currently homeless (as proven by a referral from an outreach team or homeless program, or victims of domestic violence), or in housing, but at risk of becoming homeless (as proven by a court filed eviction, foreclosure, or discharging institution) and in need of temporary rent or utility assistance to prevent you from becoming homeless, and

Determine Income Category

  • You must meet income qualification requirements.
  • For the Homeless Prevention program it's 30% of AMI, but for the Rapid-Rehousing, it is 50% of AMI upon entry only, and then 30% of AMI to be recertified for additional assistance .

Call Helpline 

If you are eligible, call the Homeless Helpline at 1-877-994-4357 for an application location near you.

Gather Documents

To prepare for your appointment, you should gather all of the following documents that apply to your situation:

  • Proof of homelessness (referral from outreach or homeless program) or risk of homelessness (court filed eviction). 
  • Copy of utility bills if assistance is being requested for utilities.
  • Proof of income in the form of a check stub for all household members (if employed) and/or Social Security benefit statements.
  • Copy of bank statement(s) indicating income deposited and assets within last 30 days (if applicable).
  • Copy of ID.
  • If currently housed, copy of lease with name of applicant listed, signed by you and landlord and the names of all your household members, the landlord’s address and phone number.

Attend Appointment

Appointments depend on need and funding availability. An evaluation will be made by Citrus Health Network to determine your eligibility and the amount of assistance you qualify for.