City Boards General Information

1. Introduction

The City's Boards and Committees are comprised of a combination of volunteers, City employees, and/or elected officials who serve in various capacities and make important decisions that benefit both the residents and businesses of Miami.

The City of Miami recognizes and encourages involvement in the policy-making process through service as a board or committee member. Most city boards are created by ordinance or resolution to provide advice and recommendations to the City Commission on matters of public concern.  

2. Board Member & Meeting Info

If you'd like to view each board and its members, you can do so on the Legislative Hub

Meeting dates can be found here.

Certain City Boards and Committees (including those with planning, zoning, or building applications) are also detailed here

3. Types of Boards & Committees

Boards and Committees are split into four categories, which determine the actions they take on City issues. Each category is governed by specific rules for approvals and oversight. See below for information. 


Civil Service Board

Code Enforcement Board

Nuisance Abatement Board


Bayfront Park Management Trust

Coconut Grove Business Improvement District

Downtown Development Authority

Liberty City Community Revitalization Trust

Mayor’s International Council

Midtown Community Redevelopment Agency

Off-Street Parking Board

Omni Redevelopment District Community Redevelopment Agency

Southeast Overtown/Parkwest Community Redevelopment Agency

Virginia Key Beach Park Trust

Wynwood Business Improvement District


Historic & Environmental Preservation Board

Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board

Unsafe Structures Panel


Arts and Entertainment Council

Art in Public Places

Audit Advisory Committee

Beautification Committee

Community Advisory Board

Commercial Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee

Community Relations Board

Commission on Status of Women

Education Advisory Board

Equal Opportunity Advisory Board

Finance Committee

Health Facilities Authority Board

Housing and Commercial Loan Committee

Miami Forever Bond Program Citizens’ Oversight Board

Overtown Advisory Board

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Sea Level Rise Committee

Senior Citizens’ Advisory Board

Stars on Calle Ocho Walk of Fame

Urban Development Review Board

Virginia Key Advisory Board

Waterfront Advisory Board

4. Requirements for Board Membership

Requirements for board membership varies depending on the board. For specific membership requirements, please see the full list of City Boards.

Board members should have the expertise necessary to accomplish the board’s objective. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the Charter or the Code, all members of city boards shall either be permanent residents of the city, own real property in the city, or work or maintain a business in the city; and shall have good reputations for integrity and community service. In addition, all board members shall demonstrate an interest in the field, activity or sphere covered by the board.  

Each board shall include at least one member whose livelihood does not depend on the area regulated, administered or dealt with by the board. All board members are subject to State, County and/or City Financial Disclosure, Residency and Employment requirements.  

5. Attendance Requirements

For most boards, a member shall be automatically removed if, in a given calendar year; (i) he/she is absent from 3 consecutive meetings; or (ii) if he/she is absent from 4 of the board's meetings. A member must attend at least 50% of all the board meetings held during a year and shall be deemed absent when he/she is not present at the meeting at least 75% of its duration. To verify the attendance requirement for your board of interest, please review the list of City Boards.  

6. Terms of Office

Unless otherwise specifically provided in the Charter or the Code, the terms of office of the members of most boards shall be: (a) one (1) year; (b) until the nominating commissioner leaves office; or (c) until recommended for removal, at the will of the nominating commissioner, voted upon by the members of the city commission, whichever occurs first.   When the nominating commissioner leaves office the board member's term shall expire. Vacancies on boards shall be filled by the commission for the unexpired term. Board members shall continue to serve until their successors have been appointed and qualified.  

7. Appointment

Boards requiring an application for appointment and/or reappointment are advertised and publicly posted online.  Interest for vacancies on boards not requiring an application can be communicated directly to the nominating Mayor, Commissioner or City Manager.  

8. Dual Office Holding

No member of any city board shall become a candidate for elective political office during his or her term. Should any member of a city board become a candidate for elective political office, as detailed in subsections (1), (2), or (3), below, such action shall be deemed a tender of resignation from such board. The board member's resignation shall be effective upon whichever occurs first:

  1. At the time such board member receives contributions or makes expenditures, or gives his or her consent for any other person to receive contributions or make expenditures, with a view to bringing about his or her nomination or election to public office;
  2. At the time such board member appoints a campaign treasurer and designates a primary depository; or
  3. At the time such board member files qualification papers and subscribes to a candidate's oath as required by law.

However, any individual that is required to resign from a city board under the circumstances described above may be reappointed to his or her city board position by a simple majority vote of the city commission 

To review, in its entirety, the City Code provision relative to Boards, visit Municode.