Community Relations Board

The City of Miami Community Relations Board (CRB) was established in 1999 and is committed to finding ways to foster mutual understanding, tolerance and respect among all economic, social, religious and ethic groups within the City of Miami.

The CRB serves in an advisory capacity to the City Commission and has the responsibility to recommend educational and social programs, designed to eliminate discrimination in any form and to improve community relations by enlisting the support of civic leaders and citizen groups.

The Board consists of 13 members appointed by the Miami City Commission and Mayor, which are representative of the social, racial, religious, linguistic, gender, cultural and economic characteristics of this city. All members of the board are residents of the City of Miami.  Administrative support for the CRB is provided by the Human Services department. Contact liaison Michelle Varas - with any questions. 

The CRB works to embrace, encourage and ensure harmonious inter-group relations among the individuals that make up the City of Miami.  The CRB demonstrates dedication and passion in the serving of the residents of the City of Miami and providing resources that contributes to the advance of our citizens.