Install a Lockbox on your Property for Fire Department Access

Do you want to install a lockbox on your home, business, or commercial property to allow the Fire Department to enter the property easily? This system is designed to help fire departments and businesses work together to preserve lives and property. 



Purchase Lockbox

You must purchase a lockbox from our approved vendor, Kidde LockBox.  You may do so online at their website. You must select your city (Miami) and go through the steps on the website.

Install Lockbox

You must properly install the lockbox for our Fire Department to access it. The directions are as follows:

  • Lockboxes must be installed within three feet horizontally of the principle entrance door of the building or within three feet horizontally of another entrance to the building which is acceptable to the fire department.
  • They need to be installed no less than 5.5 feet vertically from the threshold of the door and no more that seven feet vertically from the threshold of the door. However, the preference of the Fire Department is that lockbox be installed at the 5.5 foot level.
  • Must be installed on the side of the building facing the street of address unless the Fire Department has approved another location.
  • In the diagram below, a lockbox may be installed any where in the gray shaded area only.
  • Keys Required: All lockboxes must contain the key for the principle entrance, the key for every other keyed exterior entrance, and any keys to interior doors deemed required by the fire department. All keys in the lockbox must be clearly labeled with regard to their function.
  • Any time the locks on the doors for which the keys are stored in the lockbox are changed, the owner of the building must immediately notify the Fire Department and immediately provide the Fire Department with the keys for the new locks. Please email to arrange this. 
  • On residential buildings lockboxes need only contain the keys to portions of the building not leased to residents including their apartments and any storage or garage areas they rent within the building. However, keys to such areas as common hallways, utility rooms, laundry rooms, basements, and any spaces used by the building owner for storage or for other purposes must be placed in the lockbox.

door with shaded area for lockbox placement

Schedule Inspection

After you've installed your lockbox, you must schedule an inspection with the Fire Department.  Please email or call 305-416-1644 to set this up.