Neighborhood Revitalization Districts

A Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD) is an overlay zoning district that is intended to revitalize unique and distinctive neighborhoods that exhibit a certain defined character worthy of enhancements, such as distinct physical features, unique design characteristics, or recognized cultural identity. A NRD provides additional regulations or design guidelines for new construction or modifications to existing Buildings and Streetscapes, in order to promote, enhance, and perpetuate the value of properties while responding to the existing conditions of the neighborhood. It is further intended that such districts and the regulations adopted for them shall be in accordance with and promote the adopted Zoning Ordinance and Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan.

Miami currently has two (2) Neighborhood Revitalization Districts: 

  •  NRD-1 Wynwood 
  •  NRD-2 Wynwood Norte

For more information on NRD's, check out the Land Development Code (Miami 21) Neighborhood Revitalization Districts Information