The Planning Department facilitates and regulates land development, preserves natural resources for our distinct neighborhoods, and cultivates an improved quality of life for our city’s diverse communities.

There are several divisions within the department: Administration, Comprehensive Planning, Hearing Boards, Historic Preservation, Land Development, Special Projects and Urban Design. The Planning Department Customer Services hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm but may differ for Divisions based on walk-in and appointments. For more information on divisional hours and specific services, please click on cards below.  Important: If you'd like to apply for a permit, we recommend viewing our Permits & Construction page or our Guide to Getting a Permit.

Announcements!:  The City of Miami is updating the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP). For more information visit our Miami: Envision 2035 page.


Department Director and Assistant Director(s)

David Snow, Interim Director
Sevanne Steiner, CNU-A, Assistant Director 


The below directs you to the current and past issued Warrants, Waivers, Determinations and Interpretations. 

View Issued Warrants and Waivers

Recent Planning Determination of Use  

Recent Zoning Interpretation

The below links direct you to the current Intended Decisions Posted for Tree Permitting. 

View Intended Decisions Posted for Tree Permitting

  • If you're looking for archived records of Planning Determination of Use, send your request to
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Special Permits

Are you trying to open a business (or a residence that functions as a business such as a group home), and the Miami 21 code states that you need a Warrant for your usage and zone? The City of Miami issues Warrant permits for proposed uses in transect zones where the function is not allowed by right.

Apply for a Warrant

Are you trying to build or renovate a business or residence, and your plans are not 'allowed by right' according to Miami 21 code? The City of Miami issues Waivers intended to relieve practical difficulties in complying with the Miami 21 Code, when such Waivers meet a specific list of requirements.

Apply for a Waiver

Are you trying to open a business, and the zoning code states that you need an Exception? The City of Miami issues Exception permits for proposed uses in transect zones where the function is not allowed by right. Exception permits require a hearing with the PZAB (Show info) and may require City Commission approval.

Apply for an Exception

Are you trying to change the zoning designation of your property? The City of Miami offers change of zoning processes that go before hearing boards for approval. NOTE: New rezone applications are heard by PZAB  twice a year (March and September).  Based on those dates, we encourage that you start this process at least six months before your desired hearing date. You may not request a hearing for a rezone until you have gone through the full rezone request process. 

Request a Change of Zoning (Rezone/FLUM/SAP)

Electronic Plan Review (ePlan)

The City of Miami launched Electronic Plan Review on 10/1/2018.  Here, users can apply for permits online, upload plans/drawings and documents without visiting the City of Miami, monitor and track applications throughout the plans review process, view corrective comments and markups, and more. View information, directions, and services related to The City of Miami's new "Electronic Plan Review" (ePlan). Important: If you'd like to apply for a permit, we recommend viewing our Permits & Construction page or our Guide to Getting a Permit.

All Things ePlan 

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The diversity and character of Miami is not only reflected in its citizens. Each neighborhood is unique. In order to preserve the character of our neighborhoods, the Planning Department has developed and implemented guidelines for development. 

Master Plans

Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCDs)

Neighborhood Revitalization Districts (NRDs)


Special Area Plans (SAPs)

Development of Regional Impact (DRI)

Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP) 

City Codes

City of Miami Code of Ordinances, including Chapter 23 (Historic Preservation) 

Miami 21: You can now view the Miami 21 Code of Ordinances on Codehub, which can be divided by article & appendix, searched, or bookmarked. The Miami 21 Code establishes standards and procedures for new development or redevelopment in the City. It also adopts the Miami 21 Atlas, which acts as the official Zoning Atlas of the City and is filed in the City Clerk’s office. The Miami 21 Atlas designates a Transect Zone for all lands within the City.

Forms & Checklists

Permitting Forms and Documents 

Special Permits Checklist


Historic Design Guideline

Non-Historic Guidelines

External Resources

Planning Resource Guide  has a list of outside entities and resources that we frequently consult in our day to day work. They may be helpful for you in understanding more about Planning concepts. 


Zoning Interactive Tool

 The Zoning Interactive Tool is a mapping application which provides real estate data on properties within the City. Users can view a variety of visual layers such as Miami 21 zoning designations, Future Land Use designations, Historic Preservation layers, NET Area, and Commission Districts.

MuniMap (Miami Zoning Map)

Munimap provides information on in-depth parcel level zoning, allowed uses, and development capacity through a user-friendly interface.  MuniMap is free to use (no registration required) and allows users to quickly identify a parcel's zoning regulations or perform searches for properties that meet a range of criteria. In addition, the map offers a one of a kind 3D zoning capability, showing envelope massing shapes for each parcel according to zoning requirements and building capacity. 


The City's eMAP (Geo spatial permitting Application) allows all users to view entitlements from SPI that are in progress/issued without having log in credentials.

GIS Map Request

The Planning Department offers GIS map creation services for properties within the City of Miami. Maps are provided digitally to be environmentally friendly, cost effective, and efficient. 




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