City Manager Appoints New Police Chief

Published on February 28, 2022


City Manager Art Noriega has appointed Manuel Morales as the new Chief of the Miami Police Department.   "After further evaluating Chief Morales' performance during the first 100 days, I am extremely confident that he is eminently qualified, respected and admired by many and will continue to do a great job as Chief for the Police Department. Furthermore, this decision will ensure stability at the leadership level of the City's Police department, " said City Manager Noriega.   Chief Morales joined the Miami Police Department in 1994 and throughout his 28 years of service, he has served in numerous positions including Police Commander, Major overseeing four NET service areas and Assistant Chief in charge of the Administrative and Field Operations Divisions. In October 2021, Chief Morales was sworn in as Interim Chief.   “I am incredibly honored and humbled to be selected as Chief of the Miami Police Department. I would like to thank our City Manager, Art Noriega, for having the confidence in my ability to guide our department into the next chapter, I am grateful to Mayor Suarez and all the City Commissioners for their support not only of me, but more importantly their support for all the men and women of the Miami Police that work hard every day to make Miami safer for all, said Police Chief Morales. “I could not have achieved this dream without the unwavering support of my wife Yvette, my mother Marta, and my sons Manny, Matt, Eddie, and AJ. Their encouragement during the past 28 years at the Miami PD has been priceless and are testament of the individual I am today. To all the heroes of the Miami PD, I want to thank you for your steadfast commitment to our community policing principles, your daily sacrifices do not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. To our community, I pledge to hold the sanctity of human life at the center of all we do at the Miami Police Department.”   Chief Morales holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Thomas University and a Master’s degree, with distinction, in Security Studies from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School.

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