Little Haiti Revitalization Trust: Small Business Grant Program Launch

Published on August 22, 2023

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The Little Haiti Revitalization Trust is excited to launch its Small Business Grant Program, a significant initiative for economic growth and revitalization in Little Haiti, Miami. Committed to community prosperity, business expansion, and overall development, we're taking steps to transform Little Haiti into a thriving hub of commerce and innovation.

The Small Business Grant Program focuses on supporting local micro-businesses in Little Haiti. Eligible businesses can apply for two grant programs:

  1. Commercial Façade Enhancement: Funding for exterior and interior renovations to commercial properties, up to $20,000.
  2. Business Innovation and Operation Improvements: Covering technology and software enhancements, up to $10,000.

Businesses may only apply for either 1 or 2 above.

Applications will be available online:, and in person at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212 NE 59 Terrace, Miami, FL 33137.

Join our information session on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 6pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Center to learn more.

Applications open on September 1, 2023, on a first-come, first-served basis, via email or in person. 

"We're excited to unveil the Small Business Grant Program as a significant step toward transforming and revitalizing Little Haiti. By providing financial support to local entrepreneurs, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that contributes to our cherished community's economic vibrancy," said Lesline Anglade-Dorleans, Chair of the Little Haiti Revitalization Trust Board.

The Trust revitalizes Little Haiti through strategic initiatives and community-focused programs aimed to drive economic development, uplift local businesses, and foster a flourishing environment for residents and entrepreneurs.