Announcing ePlan!

The City of Miami launched Electronic Plan Review on 10/1/2018.  Learn about this exciting development in the world of permitting technology, below. 

Here, users can apply for permits online, upload plans/drawings and documents without visiting the City of Miami, monitor and track applications throughout the plans review process, view corrective comments and markups, and more. 

ePlan stands for City of Miami Electronic Plan Review.  This system now accepts applications electronically and allows applicants to view feedback, upload plans, track progress and more. 

What will I be able to do in ePlan?

You will be able to apply for permits, upload Drawing/Non-Drawing documents without visiting the City of Miami, monitor and track applications throughout the plans review process, view corrective comments and markups, download approved plans, view due dates, pull permits online, pay fees, add/update contractors, add/update threshold inspectors, add/update architect of record/engineer of record information, and request an expedite review for life and safety plans - all online! 

Depending on the permit you need to obtain to get your project started, you will start your application on of three platforms.  We have thus far, rolled out a variety of services that utilize ePlan and are adding more every day.  

We highly recommend you view instructions for these services, rather than logging directly into the portal.  See our landing pages below.

Permit Catalog

Guide to Getting a Permit

If you want to log directly into the portal: 

Submit a Building Permit

Submit a Right of Way/Public Works Permit

Submit a Special Permit (Planning & Zoning) 


Regardless of whether you need to obtain a building permit, a right of way permit (Public Works), or a special permit (Planning & Zoning), after you apply for your permit, your drawings and documents need to be uploaded electronically, and will be reviewed that way.

You must first apply online before submitting documents. See previous dropdown for application instructions. 

NOTE: Starting 3/31/19, you must leave blank space for a City 'Batch' Stamp. 

For drawings & plans to be approved, the City of Miami adds a seal (or stamp) to the upper-right corner of each page within the plan. (This does not refer to text documents such as LOI, applications, notification letters, etc). Please ensure that you leave the upper-right corner blank (empty), per the below sizes:

  • 8.5 x 11 plan requires a 2x2 blank (empty) area
  • 11 x 17 plan requires a 3x3 blank (empty) area
  • 24 x 36 plan requires a 4.5 x 4.5 (empty) area

How to Upload Drawings & Documents

To log into the City’s ePlan system (ProjectDox) for uploading documents: 

ePlan Portal

The electronic upload will allow for constant communication between city staff and yourself to update you on project status.


One of the most exciting elements of the new ePlan system is that users/applicants can view their project status directly in the portal.  When you select the "manage my project" tab, you will see notes from permit coordinators and be able to write back with follow-up revisions, questions, etc.

Additionally, as plan reviews in different departments are taking place (Zoning, Planning, Building, Fire, etc). you will be able to see each department sign off or add their own questions/concerns.

Because the documents are electronic, these departments can now work concurrently, rather than waiting for one department to finish their review before they begin. 

The below department permits will be included in the new electronic plan review system/software:

  • Public Works – All Right of Way applications will be reviewed using City of Miami Electronic Plan Review System.

  • Planning – All special permit applications will be reviewed using City of Miami Electronic Plan Review System.

  • Zoning - All special permit applications except for Address Change will be reviewed using City of Miami Electronic Plan Review System.

  • Fire – Starting 12/5/18, all standalone fire application requests will be reviewed using City of Miami Electronic Plan Review System.

  • Building – Starting 12/5/18, all Building applications except for Unsafe Structure – Partial/Total Demolition applications will be reviewed using City of Miami Electronic Plan Review System.

Yes. City of Miami customers will be able to submit requests for all special permits except Address Changes using the City of Miami Online Application Submission (OAS) system.

No. If you started a permit application before the launch of the Electronic Plans Review System, your application will continue on paper. 

You can visit the building department, 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th floor, for all necessary services. 

Yes. Should you need to meet with City staff, our customers may visit the City, sign-in using our self service kiosk and meet with city staff to address any concerns you may have with an application.

We are located at:

Miami Riverside Center (MRC)
444 Sw 2nd Ave 
Miami, FL, 33130

Yes, the City will accept paper submission. It is important to note that hardcopy submissions will be subject to delay because all submitted documents must be scanned before pre-screen (application acceptance).


Yes. All submitted drawings and documents will be required to follow the City of Miami Standard Naming Convention, which can be viewed here.

No. After ePlan goes live, walkthrough will be discontinued as all the reviews will be conducted electronically.  If you need help with this process, you can visit the help desk in the lobby of Miami Riverside Center:

444 SW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL, 33130

For assistance with ePlan, contact us at:

No. The City of Miami will facilitate this process on behalf of the applicant. After an applicant submits their documents to the City, a representative from the city will apply and upload required documents to MDC CPP system, and will track the application on their behalf. Any rejections or fees will be communicated to the customer through City of Miami ePlan system by a City of Miami staff.

The recommended browser for best utilization of ProjectDox is Internet Explorer 11.

ProjectDox is a web-based application, you need to use a compatible web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.). For all the browsers, you need to turn off pop-up blocker for the site. If you are planning to use Internet Explorer, you need to perform following additional configurations:

• Added ProjectDox to Trusted Site

• Install of ProjectDox Components (one-time only)

• Disabling the UAC (User Access Control) to install ProjectDox Components (one-time only)


If you are an architect, engineer, or land surveyor/mapper, you will need to register your digital signature with the City of Miami and purchase a digital certificate from one of the City’s recognized Certificate Authorities. Learn more about Digital Signing here

Yes. We will be conducting monthly training events for our customers. These training events will start in October 2018 and will last through June 2020. The event registration will be created on Eventbrite and will be communicated on our website.

Visit our News Page for updated events. 

The City of Miami is using Avolve ProjectDox to facilitate Electronic Plan Review.