Request a Fire & Life Safety Expedited Review

Have you applied for a building permit that requires a fire review, a standalone fire permit, or a fire revision to a master permit, and you want to expedite your reviews? The City of Miami provides this service in order to help speed along the permitting process for fire. 

To request a Fire and Life Safety Expedited Review online, you must have a commercial property application that is “in review” status. 

NOTE: This service carries an additional fee, which is calculated depending on the size of your project.


Login to Your Application

You must already have an application submitted in iBuild. Login, select 'manage application', then select 'Fire and Life Safety Expedited Review'. 

Enter your process number, and hit search. 

Access iBuild

TIP: The process number is required to be associated with a commercial project and must be in “In Review” status.

Review Application Summary      

Select the Requestor Type from the drop down (owner, permit runner, or project manager). Owner will populate information from application, permit runner/project managers will need to supply information + reason.

  • Submit

Await Preliminary Review

Your request will be reviewed within 48 hours to determine Fire reviewers' availability. Based upon this preliminary review, after-hours fees are assessed and an invoice will be sent to you.

Pay Fees

If your request is approved, you will receive a transaction statement listing the fees owed.  You will be required to pay the required fees before the full review can begin. 

NOTE: This request/invoice will expire after 48 hours if no payment is received. Please be sure to remit payment promptly.

Pay Here

Await Response

After you've paid fees, expedited review is assigned to a fire plans reviewer.  Your review comments will appear with your project in ProjectDox/ePlan.

Access ePlan