Request Inspections for Certificate of Use


You must have an approved certificate of use application and paid invoice before requesting any inspections. To apply for a certificate of use (CU) permit please submit an estart application which allows you to confirm your zoning and submit a CU / BTR application.

If you would like additional information on the certificate of use process you can visit our certificate of use step-by-step page.

Request Online

NOTE: If you need a DERM inspection, please see side bar. 

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Request by Phone

Call 311 to request your CU inspections

311 can create requests for your code compliance and fire inspections through the City of Miami.

NOTE:  DERM inspections are handled by Miami-Dade County. Please see sidebar for DERM Review information. 

The business owner or agent will be contacted

An inspector will contact the business owner or agent to schedule the requested inspections within 5 business days.