How to use the Interactive Mapping Tool (GIS)

The Zoning Interactive Tool is a mapping application which provides real estate data on properties within the City. Users can view a variety of visual layers such as Miami 21 zoning designations, Future Land Use designations, Historic Preservation layers, NET Area, and Commission Districts. 


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Be sure to read the directions below to help you navigate through this tool.  

View the Interactive Zoning Tool

Search an Address

Click on the “Search” button on the top right hand side of your screen.  In the search window enter the subject property address.  You can also search by owner name, folio number and subdivision.  

NOTE: The search auto-populates addresses, which are formatted in a very specific way (i.e. AV not AVE).  Type slowly and wait for your address appear. If the address doesn't come up, it might not be in the city of Miami.  

Click on the subject property then click on “Search”. 

View General Property Information

Your property will be selected on-screen with highlighted boundary lines.On the right hand side of the screen you’ll find all of the “Property Information”. 

Above “Property Information” are a series of tabs which will contain information regarding the subject property:

  • Zoning
  • Land Use
  • Flood
  • Districts
  • Historic Environmental Preservation Information.  
  • There is also a tab for additional links which will lead you to the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser website, Google Street View, Taxes, Bing Maps, and Zillow. 

Here, you can view all abutting properties to your search, which is important when applying for various permits such as warrants, waivers, temporary events, and more. 

View Features

At the very top right hand side of the screen you find the following buttons: Search, Select, Print and Measure.  

  • The “Select” button provides you with a tool bar on the bottom of the screen which allows you various ways to select multiple parcels at once. 
  • The “Print” button allows you to print out a detailed map containing property information, or a simple map of your subject property.  (Tip: If you leave the layers on, they will appear on the print options)    
  • The “Measure” button provides you multiple measurement tools.  

View Legends & Layers

Below the aforementioned buttons, you find a series of buttons as followed: Search, Legend, Layers, and Results. 

  • The “Legend” button will identify what specific lines on the map signify such as City Boundary, City Parcels, Major Roads such as Expressways and Streets.
  • The “Layers” button allows you to select layers that superimpose over the map.  These layers will provide you information regarding the Zoning Miami 21 Transect Zones, Environmental Historic Preservation, Future Land Use, Former 11000 Zoning, World Streets, Aerial from 2016, and Bing Aerial.
  • The “Results” button which takes you back to the main screen that provides you with the Property Information. 

Use Icons

Below the buttons, you’ll find a series of icons which allows you to perform the following functions: Zoom to Selected Features, Create Mailing Labels, Export to Excel, and Select by Buffer Radius Distance. 

  • The “Buffer Radius Distance” icon allows you to enter a desired distance (for example 1,500 feet). The 1,500 foot radius appears with your subject property at the center.  This function will select every single property that falls within the desired radius.  This function is extremely helpful when creating mailing labels and measuring distance requirements based on a radial measurement. (Note: for measurements through the ordinary pedestrian path, the “Measure” tools are more suitable).