Respond to a Building Violation

Did you receive a violation in regards to building (work without permit) and/or an unsafe structure? The City monitors all construction work and building maintenance to ensure the safety of structures.

You likely received a notice from The City posted to your actual structure (residences and/or commercial building) and need to respond within the specified timeline to avoid further fees and/or a hearing. 


Step 1.Determine Why You May Have Received the Violation

A building shall be deemed unsafe or a hazard if:

  1. Vacant, unguarded and open at doors or windows
  2. There is a accumulation of debris or other material therein representing a hazard of combustion
  3. The building condition creates hazards with respect to means of egress and fire protection
  4. It exhibits signs of structural stress such as cracks, unusual sagging, rotting of wood members, termite damage, or if ceilings, walls and roofs are collapsing or caving-in
  5. Water service is disconnected
  6. Work is performed without proper permits and inspections
  7. As additionally defined in Chapter 8 of the Miami-Dade County Code

Step 2.Respond to Violation

Your violation will either be called "Unsafe Structure", "Work Without Permit", or "40/50 Year Violation". The response process is different for each, please see below.

Respond to Work Without Permit Violation

Respond to Unsafe Structure Violation

Respond to 40/50 Year Re-Certification Violation