Upcoming Hearings - Unsafe Structures

-View the list of upcoming hearings for the unsafe structures division. These properties have a violation that hasn't been addressed with The City.  If you would like to speak on behalf of one of these properties, please Register to Speak at an Unsafe Structure Hearing.  If you have any questions, please email unsafestructures@miamigov.com.

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If you own AND reside in a property that does not have homestead exemption, please fill out an owner-occupied affidavit(PDF, 195KB) and submit any of the following documents proving residence:

  • Driver’s license or governmental ID
  • Utility bill
  • Voter registration card

          Please send the completed and notarized affidavit along with all supporting documentation to unsafehearingrequest@miamigov.com

Please note: This page is updated by 5 pm on the last day of every month to show the following month's scheduled hearing dates and properties.  For future cancelled hearing dates, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The subject properties below have been cited for violations of the building code and are subject to demolition.  All hearings will be held at City Hall located at 3500 Pan American Dr. at 9 am on their respective dates.

 12/1/23 Hearing Addresses

Extension of Time Hearing

 20 NE 45 ST

Case BB2021001239

Interested Parties: Andria Edwards Fagon,

CT Corp System,

Mers as Nominee for Quicken Loans LLC

 55 NW 27 AV

Cases BB2010006171 & BB2018021847

Interested Parties: Mouawad Enterprises Inc,

Kabalan Mouawad,

Hani Jardack,

Jardack Investment Corp

 90 NE 54 ST

Case BB2022002857

Interested Parties: Leon Mondesir, Samued Obdeas

 101 SW 24 RD

Case BB2020010881

Interested Parties: Tibisay Campos,

CT Corp System,

New Residential Mortgage LLC

 121 NW 9 AV

Case BB2022001875

Interested Parties: Soman LLC

& We Managers LLC


Cases BB2014010215 & BB2015006657

Interested Parties: Scanda Property 2 LLC c/o Rafael Recalde, and German Klein,

Recalde Law Firm PA,

Maikel Barros,

Bafco Engineering & Construction LLC

 151 NE 77 ST

Case BB2023000158

Interested Parties: MT Miami LLC,

Law Offices of Isaac Benmergui PA,

CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Serv Co,

Webster Business Credit Corp,

Registered Agent Solutions Inc,

Bayport Funding LLC 


Case BB2020015745

Interested Parties: 200 E Flagler Development LLC c/o Daniel Pena Giraldi,

Lubmats LLC, Camilo A Nino,

LV 200E Flagler II LLC, Dade County Federal Credit Union

 220 NW 21 ST

Cases BB2013019322 & BB2022002940

Interested Parties: 220 NW 21 LLC & CT Corp

 230 NW 71 ST

Case BB2022000120

Interested Parties: 71 2 LLC,

Dennis G Bedley, Legacy Bank of FL,

Granados Davey LLP, Warwick Capital LLC,

Lucas Donantueno Sr.

265 NW 53 ST

Case BB2021003270

Interested Parties: Valerie Hodge & Jean R Jessoline,

Federal Home Loan Mrtg as TTEE for the BT of Freddie M c/o Select Portfolio Serv,

Corp Serv Co, Select Portfolio Serv Inc,

Green Corridor Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) District;

Ygrene Energy

 280 SW 20 RD UNIT 702

Case BB2020018827

Interested Parties: Monica Melchor,

RPM, Marquis I of Coral Way Condo Assoc c/o Renovations Prop Mgmt, 

Yoan Grass, Carlos Triay Esq

414 SW 22 AV

Cases BB2018008937 & BB2021009338

Interested Parties: Laura Kefalides & Zoraida de la Hoz Trs as TTEES of a TR Dated Dec 10th 1993

 433 SW 6 ST

Cases BB2015013143 & BB2016007002

Interested Parties: 433 SW 6th St LLC,

Estelle Germain RA, TLGJ Properties Inc,

Jalai Shehadeh, US Century Bank

 435 SW 6 ST

Case BB2015013143

Interested Parties: 433 SW 6th St LLC,

Estelle Germain RA, TLGJ Properties Inc,

Jalal Shehadeh, US Century Bank

 501 SW 73 CT

Case BB2021004893

Interested Parties: Jose Romero, Marcia Romero,

Corp Serv Co, Shelter Mortgage Co LLC,

Mers as Nominee for Shelter Mortgage Co LLC

 577 SW 5 ST

Cases BB2016006048 & BB2019008500

Interested Parties: 5th & 5th LLC,

Carlos M de Cespedes III,

Maria Elena Riera, Terrabank NA

 590 NW 27 ST

Cases BB2016006268 & BB2017009288

Interested Parties: 590 27 Warehouse LLC c/o Provident Financial Mgmt,

eResidentAgent Inc, City Nat'l Bank

 601 NE 36 ST 1801

Case BB2021007421

Interested Parties: Adamczyk Goede,

DeBoest & Cross PLLC, Blue Condo Assoc Inc,

Richard Clark, IPS Engineering Group Inc,

Eva Baker, Ben Dvir, Daniel Rueda,

Kent Andres, Stephanie Costa

 729 NW 55 TER

Cases BB2013013304 & BB2016006206

Interested Parties: Emanuel Phase 2 Inc,

Roosevelt Emanuel, Richard K Stanton,

Principal Lenders Group Inc dba RKS Capital Funding,

Ira Alweiss & Karen Alweiss

 1025 NW 6 ST

Case BB2018008886

Interested Parties: Francisco Pons

 1031 NW 6 ST

Case BB2018008885

Interested Parties: Francisco Pons

 1104 NW 5 ST aka 430 NW 11 AV

Case BB2022000811

Interested Parties: 1104 NW LLC,

Jose I Rasco III, Estela Risco,

1104 NW LLC

 1106 SW 1 ST

Case BB2022002788

Interested Parties: Anthony M Ramos & W/Lourdes P,

Anthony M Ramos,

Cantabria Investment Property LLC

1144 SW 4 ST

Case BB2020020542

Interested Parties: Level Havana LLC

& Marcel Felipe PA

 1185 NW 29 TER

Case BB2018008169

Interested Parties: Cirila Moreira

 1191 NW 40 ST

Case BB2023000083

Interested Parties: Kibui LLC,

Aguni LLC, Silvas Financial Services LLC, 

 Karina Conde, & Aries KC Corp

 1334 NW 29 ST

Case BB2020021725

Interested Parties: HWP 1334 LLC c/o Patton Real Estate

& Eleanor Barnett

 1529 NW 1 ST

Case BB2019008581

Interested Parties: Los Angeles 2016 LLC,

Genaro Fortino,

Mario Carballo c/o

City Nat'l Bank of FL ATTN: Legal Department,

Total Bank nka City NAt'l Bank of FL

 1580 SW 6 ST

Cases BB2019015651 & BB2013008610

Interested Parties: Sonia Vives c/o

Miami-Dade County Tax Collector

 1621 NW 38 ST

Case BB2022002760

Interested Parties: C Hinson Sr & C L Hinson

Curtis Hinson Sr & Clara Louise

 1633 NW 3 AV

Cases BB2021004763

Interested Parties: New Herizon Invest Inc,

Kervin Julmist, Mark Alhadeff,

116 W Flagler Street LLC

 1646 NW 2 ST

Case BB2018008868

Interested Parties: 5DA LLC, Rosa Ricardo I,

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept

1748 NW 36 ST

Cases BB2016024039 &  BB2019016916

Interested Parties: Rene Larralde

 1778 NW 56 ST

Case BB2023000160

Interested Parties: MAC Real Estate Services Inc,

Myriam Cambronne, Int'l Corp Serv Inc,

Bonide Investment LLC, Brennan Filion,

BGF Holdings LLC aka Dangle It LLC

1833 NW 35 ST

Cases BB2021009852 & BB2021008476

Interested Parties: NMG Allapattah LLC,

Dade County Corp Agents Inc,

Roni Gabay and/or Assigns

 2001 SW 3 AV

Case BB2020018830

Interested Parties: RPM,

Marquis I of Coral Way Condo Assoc Inc

c/o Renovations Prop Mgmt, Yoan Grass,

Monica Melchor &

Angie Grimeau c/o Renovations Prop Mgmt

2100 NW 36 ST 

Cases BB2021019261

Interested Parties: Perdomo Carbajal Inc,

Jose A Perdomo Zambrano, Gerson D Sepin,

JBS Financial Group Inc

 2134 NW 24 ST

Case BB2019019760

Interested Parties: Jose A Torres & W/Francisca Torres,

Corp Serv Co, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC,

CT Corp System, The Bank of NY Inc,

The Bank of NY Mellon fka the Bank of NY c/o Ocwen Loan Serv

 2270 SW 1 ST

Case BB2019001592 & BB2022002624

Interested Parties: DMPE Family Properties LLC

& Burgos & Assoc Law Group


Case BB2020020781

Interested Parties: Manuel R Manotas,

Magdalena Manotas, Keith David Silvestein,

Keith D Silverstein PA, David Allan Freedman,

Coffey Burlington PL, Timothy E Martorella,

Noel Veitia, Mers as Nominee for DG Pinnacle Funding LLC

 2375 SW 9 ST

Cases BB2018009004 & BB2017013936

Interested Parties: Torres 2375 Holdings LLC,

Jorge A Sibila, Rolando Martinez,


2741 NW 24 CT 
 2959 SW 16 TER
 3300 SW 22 TER

 3501 NW 17 AV


 3550 SW 37 AV
3570 FROW AV 
3791 BIRD RD 
 3800 NE 6 AV
 3806 NE 6 AV UNIT 2
47 NE 80 TER 
 60 NE 75 ST
141 NW 17 CT 
243 NE 57 ST 
 445 SW 5 ST
 469 SW 3 ST
 479 SW 3 ST

 521 SW 8 ST


 540 NW 79 ST
 700 SW 4 ST
 718 SW 11 AV
764 NW 36 AV 
888 SW 6 ST
930 SW 5 ST 
 1101 SW 6 ST
1198 NW 61 ST 
1252 NW 5 ST 
1459 NW 60 ST 
 1462 NW 3 ST
 1465 NW 19 TER
 1470 NW 3 ST
1500 NW 3 ST 
1716 SW 3 ST 
 1788 SW 7 ST
 1800 NW 19 ST
1800 NW 19 ST 1 
1876 NW 7 ST 
 3961 NW 11 ST
 3971 NW 11 ST
 3981 NW 11 ST
 3991 NW 11 ST
 4001 NW 11 ST
 4013 NW 11 ST
 5434 NW 5 AV
 5531 NW 1 AV
 7332 NW 2 AV
 7851 NE 10 AV

Cancelled 2023 Hearing Dates: February 17th, April 7th, June 30th, all of August and September, November 10th & 24th, as well as December 15th and 29th

Hearings will not be held on the following dates due to National Holidays: November 10th & 24th