Apply for Plat Approval

Did you apply for a building permit and were told that platting is required? Are you dividing land, unifying land, or permanently closing/vacating a street, alley or easement? Platting is required to obtain approval.  

NOTE: Platting requires approval from both the Plat & Street Committee and The City of Miami Commission. First, you will submit a tentative plat to the Plat & Street Committee. Then, you will submit your tentative plat to the County. After your tentative plat is approved by the County, you will then submit the final plat for approval to The City of Miami Commission. After that approval, the final plat will be submitted to the County, and once approved, the plat is recorded in the public records of Miami-Dade County.  

View Sample Plat. 


Meet with Plat Supervisor

Review the below page to see what is required for platting. If you'd like to proceed, we reccommend meeting with the Supervisor of Plats, who will help you become familiar with the subdivision requirements and advise you of what documents you may need.

To schedule an appointment: Contact Enrique Pousada 305-416-1232

View Platting Street Committee Schedule

If you need to plat, you should plan ahead. Your plat will be reviewed by the Platting Street Committee (which meets monthly), and your documents need to be submitted by the schedule deadline.  After the meeting, you will receive an official letter informing you if your plat was approved or denied. 

View 2023 Committee Schedule

Collect Documents

The first part of the platting process is to submit a Tentative Plat package. Collect the following Documents:

  • Complete Application(PDF, 169KB)
  • The tentative plat shall be submitted accompanied by the appropriate fee.
  • Public School Concurrency application. This must be signed and notarized. More information can be found in the Public School Concurrency Package.  
  • Recent Opinion of Title (verification less than 45 days old) for the proposed subdivision, and for any remnant portions of Lot(s) (if applicable). This must be prepared by an attorney. 
  • If property is owned by a corporation or Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), you must submit: 
    • A. corporate/company (LLC) resolution showing who has authority to sign for corporation/LLC (usually President and Secretary for corporate).
    • B. From Secretary of State, most current corporation/company "In Good Standing" certificate. 
  • If property is owned by partnership you must submit:
    • Partnership papers showing who has authority to bind partnership
  • If property is owned by off-shore corporation: (example: Netherland Antilles), you must submit:
    • A. Financial Statement
    • B. Alien Report
    • C. Who has authority to bind (Managing Director)
    • D. Right to do business in U.S. or Florida)
  • If property is owned in trust, we will need to see a copy of the Trust Agreement
  • Depending on the proposed development, you may need to submit 30 copies of a site plan. You will be notified is this is required.

Submit Package & Pay Fee

The above documents as well as one originally executed application must be turned into The Department of Resilience and Public Works, at least 15 calendar days ahead of a Plat and Street Committee meeting, which usually occurs on the first Thursday of the month. 

After submitting your package, you'll receive an invoice. Please refer to the application for fee amount. You must pay online and provide a copy of the payment receipt. Your package is not considered complete for committee submittal until you have paid your invoice. 

 It is required to call the Survey Section at 305-416-1232 for specific requirements and to schedule your submittal.

Attend Plat & Street Committee Meeting

After you submit your complete package, you will be notified of the date/time/place of the committee meeting when your tentative plat will be reviewed, as well as a meeting agenda. While it's not required, we highly recommend you attend the meeting. 

Respond to Committee Decision, Submit to County

If your tentative plat is approved by the committee, the approval is valid for 18 months.  Then, it must be submitted to and approved by Miami-Dade County.  NOTE: If the tentative plat is not approved by Commission within 18 months (see below), you must re-submit your tentative plat package to the committee (see page 2). 

If a street, alley, or easement closure is included in your tentative plat, the Plat and Street Committee reviews the proposed closure and makes a recommendation for or against. Regardless of this recommendation, you must submit a proposal/application to Hearing Boards to continue the platting process. 

Submit Final Plat for Approval

After County approval of your tentative plat, you must continue the platting process in The City of Miami in order to submit the final plat to The Department of Resilience and Public Works. 

Satisfy all conditions of your tentative plat approval given by the City of Miami's Plat & Street Committee, then complete and submit your final plat package to the Survey Section for checking and processing. When the plat is in order, the Public Works Department will schedule the final plat for the next available City Commission hearing. You will be notified when your plat is to come before the Commission.

The City Commission, at its public hearing, either approves or denies the plat. If the City Commission approves the plat, the plat is processed and delivered to the Miami-Dade County Platting Section. The Miami-Dade County Platting Section reviews and processes the plat. The plat is then recorded in the Public Records of Miami-Dade County.