LHCC Rental Guide

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1. How to Rent

In reference to future events or filming, this guide outlines several rental options and includes details about rates, fees and available equipment.  We look forward to working with you on a successful event. With this in mind, please review the following steps necessary to secure your event.

Securing your event:

  1. Review this document for rental options 
  2. Review event policies 
  3. Submit an inquiry
  4. Meet with our Events Agent to discuss date reservations, arrange a walkthrough, specify setup needs, etc. 
  5. Sign a rental application (30 days prior to your event)
  6. Provide a deposit* with application; checks and money orders made payable to “City of Miami” 
  7. Submit a copy of the following documents:
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance 
    • Liquor License (if applicable)
    • 501c3 Status (if applicable)
    • Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption (if applicable) 
  8. Submit final payment* (5 days prior to your event)

*The Little Haiti Cultural Complex and the Parks and Recreation Department does not have the authority to waive fees for use of the facility.

For date reservations and more information about Little Haiti’s premier event space contact our Events Agent: 

Edward Duffie, Jr. 
305 -960-2971


Deirdre Austin-Bowman
305 -960-2974

LHCC Contact Information:
212-260 59th Terrace, Miami, FL 33137

2. Rental Form

To proceed,

Complete Rental Form  

3. Center Buyout

A building with a colorful courtyard and the caribbean marketplace

The center buyout option includes full access to the Art Gallery, Courtyard, Theatre and Theatre Lobby.  The Little Haiti Cultural Complex is the focal point of Downtown Little Haiti. It is one of Miami’s premier locations for all things Afro-Caribbean arts, culture and entertainment. This beautiful complex is colorful and vibrant like the Caribbean, while still maintaining a modern and contemporary feel. It is a budding flower in the Magic City.  

Rate:  $2530

Capacity: 1500 - 2500 

4. Courtyard

grassy area with colorful mural

The Courtyard is a premier venue space at LHCC. It features the iconic Little Haiti mural by Richard Allen and a concrete stage with a complementary awning. 

NOTE: If needed, you can rent our dressing rooms in addition to the courtyard for $125. 


Rate: $350 for up to 2 hours (2-hour minimum) ; $100 for each additional hour.

Daily rate:  $400*
*If rented as an additional space.


  • 250 (Banquet)
  • 300 (Reception) 
  • 500 (Theater)
  • 1,000 (Standing) 

5. Art Gallery

Long gallery hallway with white walls and red carpet

The Art Gallery is another premier venue space; it features an art exhibit year round. The open space is climate controlled with museum quality lighting, large windows for natural lighting, and it also features an outdoor foyer at 1,560 sq. ft. Adjacent to the Gallery is the Community Room, Heat Rooms (2) and Arts & Craft rooms (2).

Size: 2,150 Square feet (plus 1,560 outdoor foyer).  

Rate: $800 for up to 4 hours ; $100 for each additional hour.


  • 200 (Banquet) 
  • 250 (Reception) 
  • 300 (Theater) 

6. Proscenium Theatre

Large auditorium with blue chairs

The proscenium style theatre is the only one of its kind in Little Haiti. It is ideal for theatrical performances, film productions and lectures of any kind. It features audiovisual technology, and backstage houses dressing rooms (2) and a green room. The adjacent Theatre Lobby at 2,130 sq. ft., and its outdoor foyer space at 2,270 sq. ft., is perfect for opening night receptions. 

Stage Size: 1,370 Square Feet


  • $1000 (All day)
  • $800 (4 Hours or less)
  • $600 (2 Hours or less)
  • $200* (2-hour minimum) ; $100 for each additional hour.

*Rehearsals only.


  • 300 seats 
  • 266 fixed seats 

7. Theatre Lobby

A lobby with a desk and art on the walls and a colorful floor

The Theatre Lobby is perfect for opening night receptions, social mixers and happy hours. It is adjacent to an outdoor foyer space at 2,270 sq. ft.

Size: 2,130 Square Feet


  • $300 (2-hour minimum) ; $100 for each additional hour.

  • $325  (when rented with theatre)


  • 100 (Banquet)
  • 150 (Reception) 
  • 200 (Theater)

8. Dance Studio

dance studio with wood floors and mirrors

The two dance studios feature a sound system, mirrored walls, ballet barres and black Marley floors, ideal for ballet, jazz, and aerobics.


  • $120 for large studio (2 hours or less) plus $50 for each additional hour.

  • $100 for small studio (2 hours or less) plus $50 for each additional hour.


  • 40 (large studio)
  • 25 (small studio) 

9. Arts & Crafts Rooms

classroom with tables and chairs

The two Arts & Crafts Rooms are multi-purpose art spaces, ideal for small workshops and class sessions.

Sizes: 1,035 sq. ft. / 880 sq. ft. 


  • $200 for large room (2 Hours or less) plus $50 for each additional hour
  • $120 for small room (2 Hours or less) plus $50 for each additional hour 


  • 50 (large room)
  • 30 (small room) 

10. Miami Heat Rooms (Learn & Play Center)

classroom with computers and basketball mural

Also known as the Learn and Play Center these two rooms are decked out in vibrant images of the Miami Heat basketball team. They feature bean bags, round tables that seat four, desktops and flat screen TVs.

Sizes: 1,000 sq. ft. / 625 sq. ft

Rate: $400 (2 Hours or less) plus $50 for each additional hour 


  • 50 (large room)
  • 20 (small room) 

11. Community Room

large room with black tables and chairs

Also known as the meeting room, this multi-use space is ideal for small community meetings and workshops.

Size: 500 feet

Rate: $150 (2 hours or less) plus $50 for each additional hour.


  • 30 (Conference)
  • 40 (Banquet) 
  • 60 (Theater)

12. Mezzanine

The mezzanine is an indoor area above the theatre lobby with access via stair and elevator from the lobby. It holds 40 people and is often used for VIP receptions in relation to the theatre.

Rate: $150 (4 hours or less), when rented with theater. Not available for individual rental without theater.

13. Foyers

There are two outdoor foyers than can be rented on their own. These are adjacent to the Courtyard.

  • The large foyer holds roughly 75 people and costs $120 for two hours or less and $50 for each additional hour. 
  • The small foyer holds roughly 40 people and costs $100 for two hours or less and $50 for each additional hour.

14. Equipment and Other Rates


City of Miami Resident 20%  

Nonprofit (no sales tax)

REQUIRED: Required fees are based on the nature and size of the event.

Special Events Supervisor $41 per hour 

Staffing Fee $17 per hour

Cleaning Fee*$232.00 and up 

Setup Fee*: $175 and up 


Parking Lots: $160 and up

Sound Technician*: $50 per hour 

Light Technician*: $50 per hour 

Portable Projector $60 

Portable Screen $60 

Lobby Television $25

LED Lights $5 each  

High Boys with Table Cloths $10 per table 

Outdoor Tables and Chairs (Seats 4) $10 per table

Round Tables (Seats 10) $10 per table

Rectangular Tables (6ft.) (Seats 4-6) $10 per table 

Banquet Chairs $20 per group of 10

Folding Chairs $10 per group of 10

*Technician, cleaning, and setup fees may be paid to a third party.