Message from the GM

GM Artime Theater YS

WELCOME to the City of Miami and to the Manuel Artime Theater!

The Manuel Artime Theater is a community, multi-purpose theater owned and managed by the City of Miami. Our vision is to be recognized as the best medium size facility in Miami, suitable for all your needs in the world of arts.

A former Baptist Church, this City facility has been converted into an 839 seat state of the art theater with a stage long enough to accommodate nearly any event type. The theater is committed to serve a dual purpose. One, to reach and help small community arts groups by providing a moderate rental fee that can accommodate any budget, and second, to bring artistic events that interest the entire community at a moderate price.

We are delighted and thrilled to be able to continue our commitment and we hope you will join us as we continue to grow and help us to provide quality entertainment to our community.

Thank You