Rental Information

  1. Online form confirmation of tentative reservation must arrive at the Administrative Office (900 S.W. 1st Street, Miami, Florida 33130) no later than seven (7) days after the date request is made online and a deposit is required at that time. This deposit will be forfeited if the User cancels the event anytime after payment of said deposit. No refund or transfer of deposit is allowed.
  2. Any User that does not comply with the above stated will automatically have the reservation cancelled. The Manuel Artime Theater will not be responsible for notifying groups of a cancellation, and therefore accepts no responsibility as stipulated above.
  3. Another User may challenge a written reservation that has not yet gone to contract. The first User will have two weeks to return an executed contract with prepayment in full for the date. If two weeks pass, the option goes to the challenger to return an executed contract along with prepayment in full for the date.
  4. User shall provide the theater's Administrative Office, a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of no less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence for bodily injury and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) per occurrence for property damage. This insurance will be at the cost and expense of the User. Said policy shall be written by an A-rated company authorized to do business in the State of Florida and must carry a rating of not less than B+ as to management and grade X as to financial strength. All policies must name the City of Miami – Manuel Artime Theater as an additional insured and shall include the following:
    City of Miami
    Risk Management
    444 S.W. 2nd Avenue
    Miami, Florida 33130
    This certificate of Insurance should be sent to our office at least one month prior to the event.
  5. If User does not carry liability insurance, the same can be purchased at the theater's administrative office, payable at time of execution of contract. (See #7)
  6. User must sign the contract one month prior to the event. If an organization is holding the event, the president and the corporate secretary must sign and the corporate seal must be affixed to the same.
  7. Whenever admission is charged, the User shall furnish 20 complimentary tickets to the theater's administrative office prior to holding the event.