Rules and Regulations

  1. No smoking, eating, drinking, or chewing gum in theater at anytime.
  2. No unauthorized personnel will be allowed backstage, or in the sound supply room, lighting control room, or around the sound system box at anytime.
  3. Children must be chaperoned at all times.
  4. No flammable material is allowed to be used at any time.
  5. All equipment and/or scenery materials brought in for a production must be removed after the last performance unless previously authorized to be dismantled the next day. Equipment left over may reflect in additional charges.
  6. Removal of light from their original setting is prohibited. Changing the original positioning of the lighting equipment, or reprogramming the lighting computer can only be done with the City's approval and supervision. If any such changes are made, the User agrees to pay for any technical labor involved in returning the equipment to its original standard design.
  7. The Piano is not allowed to be removed from the stage under any circumstances.
  8. Nailing, stapling, or taping to the floor, walls, and curtains is absolutely prohibited.
  9. Rates for the use of the Manuel Artime Theater include normal janitorial service, air conditioning, normal houselights, lighting and sound system, and other items that are available at the facility for use.
  10. Technical crews, event personnel, policemen, security guard, ushering staff, ticket seller, etc., are not included in the contract and must be contracted by the User at the User's expense.
  11. A list of lighting and sound technicians is available upon request. No one outside the list is authorized to operate the theater's lighting and sound systems unless approved by the Administration Office. In addition, you may contract the in-house technicians at an additional cost.
  12. Any unauthorized removal of theater's equipment, or damage to the same shall be at User's expenses.
  13. Whenever the User wishes to contract a Police Officer to cover the event, the number to call is 305-579-6440 (Special Events Office at the City of Miami Police Department).
  14. Whenever the User wishes to contract security guard services, said guard must be licensed by the State of Florida.

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