Salty Miami Sailing Adventures

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Explore secret hideouts at beautiful Biscayne Bay National Park. Visit inlets, sandbars and get incredible sightings of the city and local wildlife.

Our sailing sessions are 100% powered by the wind and good vibes. We will greet you at the U.S. Olympic Sailing Center in Coconut Grove, FL where we will brief you and set sail.

Once sailing, we will spend three to four full hours on the water with a few stops to swim, snorkel or just eat, have a beer and relax.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can use the trapeze, a special cable that lets you hang from the boat and glide over the water.

This is a unique experience created for those who appreciate contact with nature and having a good time.


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2400 S Bayshore Dr., Miami 33133  View Map

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