Get a Public Works Covenant/Agreement

Are you applying for a building permit, and were told that you need a covenant or agreement with the Department of Resilience and Public Works? Many types of covenants exist to allow the The City to protect the right-of-way, this page outlines those services. 


Select Covenant & Prepare Documents

There are many types of covenants and most have different requirements. Be sure you know which one you're applying for. The City of Miami would have informed you which covenant you need during your Plan Review.

Prepare the documents listed per the below application (the link will provide you a document list). 

  1. Non-standard improvements (requires City Commission approval if it's related to State's Right-of-Way under FDOT's MMOA). 
  2. Non-standard driveway approach 
  3. Private Utilities
  4. Temporary encroachment (requires City Commission approval if it's within the Fully Dedicated Right-of-Way area). 
  5. Sidewalk/curb & gutter construction (aka deferment, or postponement)
  6. Perpetual easements (requires City Commission approval). 
  7. Subdivision improvement postponement(PDF, 288KB) (related to Platting)
  8. Subdivision improvement bond agreement
  9. Hold Harmless & Indemnification agreement

If you have any additional questions, call 305-416-1200. 

Visit Public Works to Review Documents

Email all of the documents listed to Arelys Guzman at

Our department will review your documents for proper completion, and let you know of any necessary changes. If your package is proper and complete, it will be further processed. NOTE: If your package is incomplete, it will not be accepted. 

Submit Signed & Notarized Covenant/Agreement

After your covenant or agreement is prepared by The City, you will receive an email with the attachment and instructions regarding execution, notarization, and fees (for which you will receive an invoice). You must sign & notarize the covenant, and bring the original back to us in-person at the address above. NOTE: This document can not be emailed, the original must be presented. 

At this time, the department will add your covenant to the Public Record of Miami-Dade County (unless it needs to go to commission, below). If you'd like to obtain the recording information, you can contact us at 305-416-1200. 

You can pay your fees online (or in-person at the fourth floor cashier).  Use the transaction ID from your invoice. 

Pay Fees

Attend Commission Meeting, if Necessary

Depending on the type of covenant you're applying for, you may need to obtain a City Commission Resolution. You will be notified if this step is necessary as well as when your covenant will be added to the Commission agenda. 

  • If Commission approves your covenant, you may move forward.
    NOTE: If you have a Non-standard improvement related to the State's Right-of-Way under FDOT's MMOA, you must get the MMOA signed by FDOT, then bring back to The City at the address above. 
  • If your covenant is denied, you will need to make changes to your proposal.