The Office of Zoning provides policy guidance for the development of the City of Miami by interpreting and administering the Zoning Ordinance and other relevant governmental regulations pertaining to land development regulations for construction and land use. 


Department Head

Daniel S. Goldberg, Esq.

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Special Permits

Are you trying to open a business (or a residence that functions as a business such as a group home), and the Miami 21 code states that you need a Warrant for your usage and zone? The City of Miami issues Warrant permits for proposed uses in transect zones where the function is not allowed by right.

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Are you trying to build or renovate a business or residence, and your plans are not 'allowed by right' according to Miami 21 code? The City of Miami issues Waivers intended to relieve practical difficulties in complying with the Miami 21 Code, when such Waivers meet a specific list of requirements.

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Are you trying to open a business, and the zoning code states that you need an Exception? The City of Miami issues Exception permits for proposed uses in transect zones where the function is not allowed by right. Exception permits require a hearing with the PZAB (Show info) and may require City Commission approval.

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Are you trying to change the zoning designation of your property? The City of Miami offers change of zoning processes that go before hearing boards for approval. NOTE: New rezone applications are heard by PZAB  twice a year (March and September).  Based on those dates, we encourage that you start this process at least six months before your desired hearing date. You may not request a hearing for a rezone until you have gone through the full rezone request process. 

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Are you trying to complete a By-right Project? The City of Miami offers an initial review for projects that don't require any entitlements (i.e. Waivers, Warrants, Variances, Exceptions)

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City Code

City of Miami Code of Ordinances, including Chapter 23 (Historic Preservation)

Miami 21

Miami 21: You can now view the Miami 21 Code of Ordinances on Codehub, which can be divided by article & appendix, searched, or bookmarked. The Miami 21 Code establishes standards and procedures for new development or redevelopment in the City. It also adopts the Miami 21 Atlas, which acts as the official Zoning Atlas of the City and is filed in the City Clerk’s office. The Miami 21 Atlas designates a Transect Zone for all lands within the City.


View the zoning interpretations made by the zoning administrator. 

Recent Zoning Interpretations

Archived Zoning Interpretations


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Zoning Department Directory

View the guidelines for SB 102, otherwise known as the “Live Local Act” (“Act”). These guidelines will be refined as we work through the initial round of SB 102 projects.

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