Upcoming Hearings - Unsafe Structures

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-View the list of upcoming hearings for the unsafe structures division. These properties have a violation that hasn't been addressed with The City.  If you would like to speak on behalf of one of these properties, please Register to Speak at an Unsafe Structure Hearing.  If you have any questions, please email unsafestructures@miamigov.com.

View Upcoming Hearings & Archive Calendar        General Administrative Order 23-01: Unsafe Structure Hearings

View Hearing Addresses below. 

If you own AND reside in a property that does not have homestead exemption, please fill out an owner-occupied affidavit(PDF, 195KB) and submit any of the following documents proving residence:

  • Driver’s license or governmental ID
  • Utility bill
  • Voter registration card

          Please send the completed and notarized affidavit along with all supporting documentation to unsafehearingrequest@miamigov.com

Please note: This page is updated by 5 pm on the last day of every month to show the following month's scheduled hearing dates and properties.  For future cancelled hearing dates, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The subject properties below have been cited for violations of the building code and are subject to demolition.  All hearings will be held at City Hall located at 3500 Pan American Dr. at 9 am on their respective dates.

 2/23/24 Hearing Addresses

Unsafe Hearing

 3/1/24 Hearing Addresses

Extension of Time Hearing

 31 NE 51 ST

Case 00049282

Interested Parties: Modern Lifestyle Luxury
Rentals LLC,

Republic Registered Agent LLC,

Lendmarq Funding LLC,

Harvard Business Services Inc,

Miami-Dade County Regulatory & Economic Resource

Dept Building Support Section


34 NE 26 ST

Case 00046856

Interested Parties: Nitram PArtners Ltd
%Burell & Assoc,

Burell & Assoc


35 NW 69 ST

Case 00052589

Interested Parties: Silvia Martinez Montoto
Agustin Oliea Herrera

 28 NE 14 ST


Cases BB2017012803 & BB2018008506

Interested Parties: 41 Flagler Realty LLC

& Corp Serv Co



128 NE 46 ST

Case BB2021009673

Interested Parties: One Buena Vista LLC,

Aama LLC, Bluemax Partners Corp,

Vorko LLC, Mario Carballo,

City Nat'l Bank of FL

 30 NE 14 ST

136 NE 46 ST

Case BB2021009656

Interested Parties: One Buena Vista LLC,

AAMA LLC, Bluemax Partners Corp,

Vorko LLC, Mario Carballo,

City Nat'l Bank of FL


 51 NW 45 ST

 200 SW 12 AV

Case BB2022003121

Interested Parties: LA 2014 Investment LLC,

Genaro Fortino, Carla Garcia,

Totalbank nka City Nat'l Bank of FL

 100 SW 17 AV

 223 SW 31 RD

Case BB2022003082

Interested Parties: Jose Piloto &
Margarita Morell,

Joannie Brown,

Interamerican Bank FSB

 101 NE 20 ST

301 SW 68 AV

Case BB2022002025

Interested Parties: John Begasse,

Herbert John Begasse

 101 SW 68 AV

500 NE 77 ST

Case 00049687

Interested Parties: Marie Deferina
Javier Villegas,

Mers as Nominee for Stewards of
Capital & Co LLC,

John F Lopez

 106 NE 20 TER

505 NE 30 ST

Case BB2021010885 & BB2022002942

Interested Parties: Andrew Dickman Esq,

Bayside Terrace Condo Assoc Inc c/o Lorne Lieberman

109 NW 29 ST 

505 NE 30 ST PH6

Case BB2023000312

Interested Parties: Bordedelagua
Development Attn: Lorne Lieberman

Corpomax Inc, Sagy c/o IDB Bank

Israel Discount Bank of NY

 141.5 NE 24 ST


Case 00047047

Interested Parties: Kenneth Tannenbaum,

Brickell Key One Condo Assoc Inc
Management Office,

Sergio Jachtchenco,

Ken Tannenbaum Christophe Mangin,

Elisa Nelson & Omar Rey,

Becker & Poliakoff PA ATTN Donna Dim,

Mers as Nominee for American Home Mortgage,

Corp Serv Co American Home Mortgage Corp of NY

 151 NW 18 AV

 584 NW 65 ST

Case 00051835

Interested Parties: 584 NW St LLC
nka 542 SW 3rd St Holdings LLC,

Mesh Homes LLC, Mango Group I LLC,

Amerant Bank NA, Martin S Marshall

 225 NW 17 ST

 605 NW 65 ST

Case 00052582

Interested Parties: Naomi R Hill,

Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser
Stephen P Clark Center

 244 NW 35 ST

 748 NE 79 ST

Case 00051089

Interested Parties: Larson Property Management,

Stephen A Taylor PL

281 NW 58 AV 

 760 NW 64 ST

Case 00053940

Interested Parties: Vincent T Brown

311 SW 52 CT 

 764 NW 36 AV

Case BB2022002686

Interested Parties: Jorge Cruz &

Robert Vallejo



 771 NW 23 ST

Case 00049174

Interested Parties: Ben Pumo Bldg Corp
c/o Seymour J Simon,

Bennet Pumo

 446 NE 65 ST


Case BB2015008835

Interested Parties: RJR Poseidon LLC,

Robert Rivani, CT Corp System,

First Nat'l Bank of South Miami



Case BB2015008836

Interested Parties: By Sabri LLC,

Hanae Daoui, Mitton Garrett,

Waterfall Bridge Capital LLC 

801 SW 1 ST


811 NW 45 ST

Case 00049800

Interested Parties: Santana Lopez,

Miami-Dade County Reg & Econ Resources
Dept Bldg Support Section

 851 NW 14 CT

 900 NW 51 ST

Case 00044100

Interested Parties: Allan J Romero,

CT Corp System r/a of FTF Lending LLC,

Mers as Nominee for Ditech Financial LLC

901 NW 25 AV 


Case BB2022002789

Interested Parties: Plaza on Brickell Master Assn Inc

Kaye Bender Rembaum

 924 NW 70 ST


925 NW 69 ST

Case BB2022002700

Interested Parties: Liberty 11 LLC,

Morning Sunshine Land Trust,

Sebastian Panick

1126 SW 3 ST 

935 NW 64 ST

Case BB2019015790

Interested Parties: Isidro Barahona

1169 NW 36 ST aka 1171 NW 36 ST


1016 NW 33 AV

Case 00049336

Interested Parties: Millenium Investment Assoc
Trs 1014 NW 33 Ave Land Trust,

Ibrahim Investment Assoc Inc

 1242 SW 4 ST

1017 NW 34 AV 

Case 00049335

Interested Parties: Edgar Polo Yvette Polo,

Mers as Nominee for Lendsure Mortgage Corp,

Corp Serv Co r/a of Lendsure Mortgage Corp

 1250 NW 25 ST

1020 NW 41 ST

Case 00050857

Interested Parties: Norma Walker,

Mers as Nominee for Rocket Mortgage LLC,

CT Corp System r/a for Rocket Mortgage LLC

 1259 NW 34 AV

 1020 NW 49 ST

Case 00051578

Interested Parties: Cheryl Ann Lane,

V&I Property Management LLC,

Sharestates Investments LLC ISAOA/ATIMA,

The Corp Trust Co r/a Sharestates Investments LLC,

Iven de Jesus Cabrera Martinez

 1260 NW 36 ST

1145 NW 25 ST

Case 00051281

Interested Parties: Kuru Management LLC,

Adriana Diaz-Bergnes


1252 NW 35 ST

Case 00048658

Interested Parties: F E Scott &
Marcos Leliebre

1300 SW 21 AV

1469 NW 50 ST

Case BB2022003168

Interested Parties: Jovanny Santiago Escorcia,

Sergio Felipe & Ramona Felipe,

The Felipe Family Trust Date
Nov 25, 2019

 1342 NW 43 ST

1485 NW 40 ST

Case BB2022001401

Interested Parties: Est of Jeannette
Jamiel Harrington & George M Jamiel,

 Miami-Dade County Regulatory &
Econ Res Dept Bldg Suport Section,

Transaction Advisors & Consultants,

Force Real Estate Investment LLC,

Ivan Nunez 

1405 NW 29 ST 

 1490 NW 43 ST

Case 00048924

Interested Parties: Omnia Masoud,

Mers as Nominee for Caliber Home Loans Inc,

CT Corp System r/a of Caliber Home Loans Inc

 1527 SW 20 AV

 1521 NW 63 ST

Case 00048741

Interested Parties: Melissa Gandon
Trs 1521 Trust

1558 SW 7 ST 

 1545 NW 53 ST

Case 00052565

Interested Parties: The Experts LLC,

Danny Felton


 1839 SW 27 AV

 1621 NW 53 ST

Case 00052570

Interested Parties: Off Market Deals LLC,

Luigi A Ferrer, Kiavi Funding Inc,

Corp Serv Co

2075 SW 27 AV 

 1728 SW 8 ST

Case BB2022003035

Interested Parties: Laudino & Victor Velazquez TRS,

Laudino Velazquez & Victor Velazquez Co
TTEEs of the TR c/o Laudino Velazquez


 1735 NW 7 ST

Case BB2022003049

Interested Parties: Sanford Rakofsky TR,

Shehadeh Giannamore PLLC &

OMAC Real Estate LLC 

2201 BRICKELL AV 12 


Case BB2022000855

Interested Parties: GL Real Property Holdings LLC,

Cogency Global Inc,

GL Real Property Holdings LLC

 2358 SW 18 ST


 1780 SW 6 ST

Case BB2022003144

Interested Parties: 1780 SW 6 ST Cond
Assoc Inc,

Patricia G Melo, Alexie Salas,

Michael Gonzalez

2372 NW 29 ST 

1780 SW 6 ST UNIT 3

Case BB2024000004

Interested Parties: Bernardo Fernandez,

Patricia Melo,

1780 SW 6 ST Condo Assoc.

2400 SW 3 AV 

1847 1/2 NW 18 AV 

Case 00049008

Interested Parties: Silverio A Mejia Hernandez,

Mers as Nominee for United
Wholesale Mortgage LLC,

CT Corp System

 2400 SW 3 AV 502

1852 NW 48 ST

Case 00050515

Interested Parties: Raysa Avelino Javier,

Mers as Nominee for Caliber
Home Loans Inc,

CT Corp System

 2732 SW 32 AV

 1864 SW 8 ST

Case BB2022003010

Interested Parties: Ronnie Realty,

One Biscayne Tower

 2845 SW 22 ST


1888 NW 7 ST

Case BB2022000716

Interested Parties: RC 1888 NW 7 ST LLC,

Nat'l Registered Agents Inc

2900 NW 1 AV 

 2014 SW 3 ST

Case BB2022002641

Interested Parties: OL FE Corp,

Joseph Fernando Serrano

 3061 NW 18 ST

2051 NW 15 AV

Case 00049392

Interested Parties: Michelle Anne Lue
Trs 2051 Revocable Land Trust



Case BB2022002948

Interested Parties: EM2 Properties LLC

ML Rivero & Assoc LLC

 3340 NW 22 AV

 2250 SW 3 AV

Case 00047712

Interested Parties: 2250 Coral Way LLC,

EF Hutton Realty Corp,

Nextel South Corp dba Nextel South Corp,

Corp Serv Co, Mario Carballo,

City Nat'l Bank of FL, 6200 Sprint Parkway

3445 NW 7 ST 


Case BB2022002771

Interested Parties: Kilzi Bros & Sons LLC

Eugenio Duarte Esq

3451 NW 36 ST 


Case BB2022002967

Interested Parties: Ayes Management Solutions LLC,

Jose A Ayes Arrojo,

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept.,

Corp Serv Co, Citadel Servicing Corp

DBA ACRA Lending

 3601 NW 35 AV

2600 NW 22 AV

Case 00052078

Interested Parties: Silvio Pugliese,

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB no but Solely as TTEE of the MFA 2020-NQM3Trust,

Miami-Dade County Reg & Economic Res Dept Bldg Support Section,

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept

5511 NW 6 PL 

 3640 NW 9 ST

Case BB2022002751 & BB2021013449

Interested Parties: 

LS Management Solutions Group Inc,

El Cid Condo Assoc Inc, Laura Menendez,

Ruben Gonzalez, Jaquelin Vega,

Michael Washington

6248 NW 15 AV 

 3640 NW 9 ST 308

Cases BB2021013452 & BB20220002757

Interested Parties: Israel Toiran & W/Gipsy,

CT Corp System,

Mers as Nominee for Citibank NA



 3644 NW 23 AV

Case BB2017020314

Interested Parties: 3644 LLC,

James L Matherly



3655 NW 13 ST

Case BB2022003067

Interested Parties: Mireya L Noda,

Myleydys Rufin Noda


3660 NW 20 ST

Case BB2021018034

Interested Parties: Nelson T Nerey,

Mers as Nominee for Point
Mortgage Corp,

Scott Asaro,



Case BB2022000648

Interested Parties: Kyle G Lochridge,

Pamela Blacutt Lochridge, Corp Serv Co,

Mers as Nominee for Union
Home Mortgage Corp,

W Riley Lochridge III,

Lochridge Family Investment LLC



Case BB2022000602

Interested Parties: 42 Jacksonville LLC,

Stephanie Marie Montagna,

Katrina Rodriguez, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept,

CT Corp System,

Morgan Stanley MRTG Cap Holdings LLC


4120 NW 3 AV

Case BB2018005198

Interested Parties: Mildred Bryant,

Registered Agent Solutions Inc,

Renew Financial Group LLC


4222 NE 1 AV

Case 00049000

Interested Parties: Toso Business LLC,

Beltran Accounting Services Corp


4300 NE 1 AV

Case 00050881

Interested Parties: Ryan Matthew Breslow,

Wendy Stephan,

Maria Susana Pacheco de Reyes as TTEE of the 3M Revocable Trust Dated March 18, 2013



  6401 NW 12 AV

Case BB2020015457

Interested Parties: Mattie T Simmons


 6830 NW 14 AV

Case 0052595

Interested Parties: Bleecker 312 LLC,

Plentium Capital Group Corp



Case 00044819

Interested Parties: D Haiti LLC,

DHaiti Group LLC, The HML Co LLC,

Vista View Inc, Michael L Osman


Cancelled 2024 Hearing Dates: February 16th, March 29th, May 31st, all of August and September, as well as December 20th and 27th

Hearings will not be held on the following dates due to National Holidays: November 22nd