Get a WDRC Recommendation for a Development Project

Do you have a project (a development, a sign, etc.) in Wynwood, and have been advised that you need Wynwood Design Review Committee (WDRC) review? 

The purpose of the WDRC is to review and recommend to the Director of Planning (and sometimes UDRB), whether the design of developments and/or improvements to properties within the boundaries of the NRD-1 are compatible with the cultural and architectural character of the Wynwood Arts District and guidelines. 


Apply for Your Building/Special Permit

You can not apply to the WDRC unless or until you've applied for your building or entitlement permit, and have been notified that you need WDRC review. View our building and permitting page for step-by-step guidelines of these processes as well as links to our permit application portal, ePlan

  • You will receive comments on your permit application from The City of Miami in ePlan/ProjectDox. Please address all comments and make necessary corrections before applying to WDRC.
  • This is not your WDRC application, rather, it happens before you would apply to the WDRC. 
  • View WDRC Application Guidelines for clarification.  

Collect Documents for WDRC Application

Once you've been referred to WDRC, you'll need to collect certain documents in order to complete your WDRC application (this is separate from your permit application).

  • We suggest viewing our checklist to ensure you have everything prepared before applying. 
    IMPORTANT: Due to COVID, you do not need to submit hard copies, please disregard that part of the checklist. Application and uploads will be online (see below). 
    NOTE: If you are installing a sign (i.e. no construction), you will not need to collect everything on this list.

Complete and Submit WDRC Application

Please ensure that your application aligns with the checklist.

Submit the WDRC Application Form 

Pay Fee

Once your application is considered acceptable, you will receive an invoice from The City of Miami for $350.00.  Please pay immediately. 

Pay Here

Attend WDRC Meeting

You will be notified if your project is slated to be discussed at the next WDRC meeting. The WDRC usually meets the Second Tuesday of every Month (except August) at 10:00 am at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive. Meeting times (and dates) may vary based on agenda requirements. View Legislative Hub for up-to-date information (select Wynwood Design Review Committee as group). 

  • The Project Architect or designee must be present at the meeting and prepared to respond to technical questions regarding the project being submitted.
  • For signs: The project architect, landscape architect and/or the designer/graphic artist of the sign or mural shall present the project to the Board, and be prepared to answer questions from the Board.
  • The specific manner in which the project is to be presented to the WDRC is left to the applicant’s discretion.  

Respond to Board Recommendation

The WDRC Board, after hearing your submission, will submit a recommendation to the Planning director. This will either be:

1. Recommend approval:  You can continue with your permitting process.
2. Recommend approval with conditions: City of Miami staff will work with you to address the conditions, at which point the application can move forward.
3. Denial: You may reach out to the Planning staff to work on the Board's concerns. You should discuss all issues with the planner who was assigned to your project via ePlan. 

An electronic copy of the Resolution will be provided to you.