Get a Certificate to Dig

Did you apply for a building permit, and were told you're in an archeological conservation area, (or do you already know your property is in this area), and would like to do work that requires 'digging', i.e. excavation for a foundation, building a pool, installing pipelines, fences, etc.  The City requires that you get a Certificate to Dig for any soil disturbing work on these properties before your building permit can be approved.


Contact a Staff Member to Discuss Your Project

To ensure you are applying for the correct certificate and to review your requirements, you need to meet with a staff member. 

Apply for a Building or Public Works Permit

If you haven't yet applied for your permit regarding your planned work, you should do so first. Visit our permitting page for instructions.  

You will be notified if and when you need to apply for this particular certificate.

Collect Documents

After you've uploaded your documents for the above permit application, you will be notified what (if any) additional documents you need for the Certificate to Dig.  Below, please find the list of what might be included.

See check list(PDF, 176KB) or view below.

  • For a building permit, you will not need to apply for the CTD separately. For a Public Works Permit, you will, and will need to show a printed version of this certificate (see instructions below).
  • Survey with BBL established by PW (Signed and Sealed within one year of application date) - If you do not have the BBL designated, Public Works will do that internally.
  • Letter of Agreement with Archaeologist Detailing Services
  • Shovel Test Report
  • Full Site Plan - Site plan is required to depict the location of ground distribution work
  • Complete list of all folio number(s) and property address(es) - PDF Document (Note: If all folios and property addresses have not been submitted online, please provide supplemental documentation detailing all additional folios and property addresses) . 

Prepare your Documents for Upload

You must follow a standard naming convention (i.e. each part of the plans must be titled a specific way) in order to upload documents or your application will be delayed. You should name your document properly now. 

These names can not change once they've been given.

View our naming instructions

NOTE: Any documentation prepared by a professional, that is required to be “signed and sealed” (see above checklist) will need a digital signature. Learn how to obtain a digital signature .

Apply for Certificate to Dig Online (if this is a Public Works Permit)

  • Log into your Eplan account (this is where you uploaded documents for your permit application). 
  • Select type "Certificate to Dig". 

TIP: You can name your application whatever you'd like, but we recommend that you include your address in the project name.

  • At the end of the application, you will be asked if you'd like to submit your documents online. This is our recommendation.

    **If you hit "yes" follow the instructions below for submitting/uploading documents online.
    **If you select "no", because you need help with this process, you can visit the Building Department at 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor. 

Apply for Certificate to Dig Here

Upload Documents

  • After you have completed your initial submission, you will receive an email from prompting you to upload your documents. To do this, log back into the portal, and this time select "manage my existing projects". 
  • Select your project number, and go to the "applicant upload task" tab.  Be sure you have named your documents correctly (see above) and obtained a digital signature, if necessary. 
  • Upload documents and submit.
  • This is also where you can manage your project as the below process progresses. 

NOTE: Once you hit "upload complete - send to City of Miami", your ability to upload any more documents will be restricted until the completion of the City's application acceptance process.

Modify Plans and Documents, if Necessary

You will likely receive an email with comments from the City, as plans/documents often require modifications. Address the comments/issues to the best of your ability. Once you have addressed the comments from reviewers, you will need to re-submit your revised documents(go to "manage my existing project").  

Revise your Documents

NOTE: You may modify the content of your file(s), but do not change the file names when you re-submit, unless you've been instructed otherwise.

NOTE: If there is no activity on the project in Eplan within six months, the application will be considered abandoned and you will have to start over. 

Pay Fees

You will receive an invoice for $75 before your plans can be approved. You must pay this invoice to complete approval.

Pay Here

Await Response

Depending on your specific project and the test results, you will be notified of next steps in ePlan.