Replace Garbage or Recycling Cart (Bin)

Was your recycling or garbage bin lost, damaged, or stolen? You can request a new online or by calling 311.

NOTE: This service is only or residents of The City of Miami (not Coral Gables, not Miami-Dade County, etc.) who have previously set up garbage and recycling service.

If you need to set up new service, you must do that first. 

Request Online

Request by Phone

Confirm You Live in The City of Miami

This request is only for City of Miami residents. If you apply from any other location (Coral Gables, etc.), your request will not be granted. 

If you are unsure, view this map. The City of Miami is outlined in red. 

Ensure You Already Have Garbage/Recycling Service

This request is only for homes that already have garbage & recycling services set up. If you haven't done that yet, visit this page.

Make Your Request

Call 311 to request your new cart(s).