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We are dedicated to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for all residents of Miami.

The City of Miami’s Department of Human Services (DHS) aims to unify the collaborative efforts of the City Manager’s Office, City of Miami Departments, Elected Officials Offices and Community Organizations to improve the delivery of social services to all that live, work, and play in the City of Miami.  Focused on economically disadvantaged families and individuals, DHS promotes pathways to self-sufficiency.  The goal of DHS is to create and promote healthy and thriving communities in the City of Miami.


The City of Miami’s Department of Human Services (DHS) is led by a dynamic group of individuals that all have a common goal to connect the City of Miami with services and resources.  Bringing decades of experience within the public and private sectors, DHS staff provides a high-level of customer service and extensive knowledge of social services in all City of Miami districts.


David Gilbert Headshot


David E. Gilbert,


David E. Gilbert is the Director of Human Services for the City of Miami. He has over 20 years of experience in workforce and economic development. Prior to joining the City of Miami, David was the Assistant Director at CareerSource South Florida, where he managed various workforce development programs for at-risk youth, veterans, individuals with disabilities, homeless individuals and justice impacted individuals. 


Barbara Kubilus.jpg


Barbara Kubilus,

Assistant Director

Barbara has over twenty years of progressive leadership and administrative experience in human and social service organizations. Experience in program design, development, and implementation; including strategic planning and organizational capacity building. She has overseen HIV/AIDS and cancer screening programs for the underserved, worked with the Juvenile Justice Court, acted as an executive director of a nonprofit dental clinic; administrator for HIV/AIDS and school health programs, outreach, maternal health/education, substance abuse and primary care/behavioral health integration for a Federally Qualified Health Center.



Administrative Staff


Sergio Torres,

Administrator – Homeless & Veterans Affairs


Michael Roman,

Community Partnerships & Strategy Manager | Equitable Initiatives Program Manager | Health Initiatives Program Manager | Opportunity Center Manager | LGBTQ+ Liaison


Susana Penaranda,

Assistant to the Director | Health Initiatives Program Manager | Child Learning Centers Program Manager


Michelle Varas.

Administrative Services Manager | Equitable Initiatives Program Manager | Arts & Entertainment Council Liaison | Community Relations Board Liaison 


Madelin Pacheco,

Special Projects Assistant | Graffiti Program Manager | Large Group Feeding Permit Program


Yaredly Hernandez-Robles,

Budget & Financial Support Advisor | Agreements Manager | HR Liaison 


The City of Miami Childcare Centers provide day care services to residents at a low cost.  By providing a stimulating environment for all children enrolled, qualified and trained staff provide a dynamic environment for children to learn and develop social and emotional skills.

Child Learning Centers

The City of Miami’s Economic Initiatives Division of the Departments of Human Services assists both residents and small business entrepreneurs within the City of Miami by connecting them with resources and tools to improve quality of life.

Economic Initiatives

The City of Miami’s Equitable Initiatives addresses disparities in human and social services and ensures that every single person in the City of Miami is connected with resources and services.

Equitable Initiatives 

The City of Miami Health Initiatives brings needed services for free to all districts and communities in the City of Miami. Since 2015, the Health Initiatives Program is multi-layered and has expanded to include more partners offering collaborative ways of providing health resources to all City of Miami communities. 

Health Initiatives

The City of Miami’s Homeless Assistance provides outreach, assessments, placements, information, referrals and transportation services to homeless individuals and families.  The program also employs and trains formerly homeless men and women.

Homeless Assistance  

The City of Miami's Opportunity Center connects ready, willing and able job seekers with local job opportunities and employment resources.  The Opportunity Center works closely with job seekers and employers providing resources, programs and opportunities.

Opportunity Center



The City of Miami's Human Services Department also works with the following grant-funded projects: 

  • Functional Zero ARPA Projects
  • Sundari Foundation Shelter Program at Lotus House
  • Sundari Foundation Meal Program and Lotus House
  • City of Miami Camillus House Shelter Program
  • Camillus House Supporting Housing Services
  • Camillus House Lazarus Project
  • Camillus House Culinary Arts
  • Camillus House Construction Trades
  • Chapman Partnership – Cyber Hub
  • Workforce Navigators Readiness Program
  • Small Business Navigators
  • Miami Connect Transportation Support
  • ARPA Workforce Programs
  • CDC + Urban Health Partnerships