Zoning FAQs

1. Do I need a Certificate of Use to open my business?

As per Miami 21 Code, Article 7 Section b: No person shall Use or permit the Use of any Structure or premises hereafter created, erected, changed, converted, enlarged or moved, wholly or partly, in Use or in Structure, until a Certificate of Use reflecting Use, extent, location, and other matters related to Miami 21 Code shall have been issued to the owner or tenant. 

2. How do I apply for a Certificate of Use?

You can apply for a Certificate of Use thru this link: https://apps.miamigov.com/miamibiz


3. Where can I have short term rentals (Less than 30 days)?

Short term rental is considered a lodging use. Please refer to Miami 21 Article 4 Table 3 to find the zones where lodging is allowed.

Note: In Transect Zones that lodging is permitted, if there is no Building Certificate issued to the structure to be used for lodging, it will not be allowed. Check out Zoning GIS Information and Miami 21 Ordinance for more information. 

4. How do I find the Zoning Designation of a property?

Please visit our GIS site. You can search by address or folio number. Once the page displays the property, just click on the tab that reads: “Zoning” to find the Zoning Designation.

Note: If the property folio does not start with numbers 01, then that property is not within City of Miami and this GIS will not display any information for it.


5. How can I find allowed uses for a particular property?

Please use our GIS site to identify the Transect Zone, then visit Miami 21 Ordinance Article 4 Table 3 to find allowed uses by Zoning Designation.

You can also refer to Article 1 Definitions to find detail of uses found within each of the ones reflected in Art. 4 Table 3. https://codehub.gridics.com/us/fl/miami


6. What can be developed in a property?

Please use our GIS site. Once you find the property’s Zoning Designation, please go to Miami 21 Ordinance Article 4 Table 2 to find Density and Intensity allowed in that Zone.  


7. What are the setbacks for a pool in zone T3?

Pool setbacks as per Miami 21 Ordinance Article 5 Section 5.3.1g. Setbacks for Outbuildings, pools, tennis courts or other similar recreational facilities shall be as shown for Outbuildings in Illustration 5.3.

a. Principal Front 20 ft. min.

b. Secondary Front 10 ft. min.

c. Side 5 ft. min.

d. Rear 5 ft. min.

8. Can I open a Marijuana dispensary in City of Miami?

Presently they are prohibited.

9. How do I find maximum Height that can be developed in a Lot?

Please refer to Miami 21 Ordinance Article 4 Table 2. Miami 21 ordinance. 

If you do not know the Zoning Designation for the property, please first identify it in our GIS


10. What is a Waiver and how do I apply for it?

The Waiver permits specified minor deviations from the Miami 21 Code, as provided in the various Articles of this Code and as consistent with the guiding principles of this Code. Waivers are intended to relieve practical difficulties in complying with the strict requirements of this Code. Waivers are not intended to relieve specific cases of financial hardship, nor to allow circumventing of the intent of this Code. A Waiver may not be granted if it conflicts with the City Code or the Florida Building Code.

Apply for a Waiver and find required documents 


11. Can I reduce parking requirements?

For new development please refer to Miami 21 Article 4 Table 4 and find parking requirements for the proposed uses under each Transect Zone. 

For existing structures proposing changing the existing use to a use allowed in the zone, please refer to Miami 21 Code Article 7 Section 7.2.8.

12. How do I know if my property is in a TOD or a Transit Corridor?

Find it on our GIS site 

13. Where do I go to pay for invoices?

Pay my Invoice


14. What is the maximum sign area allowed for my proposed business?

Please use our GIS tool to identify the Transect Zone. Then refer to Article 10 Sign Regulations of Miami21 Code