Get a Sub-Permit

Do you have a building project in-progress and need a sub-permit such as electrical, mechanical, fire, etc.? These instructions explain how to get the necessary sub-permits. 


Ensure You Already Have a Master Permit

You cannot acquire a sub-permit until you have been approved for a master permit. View our permit guide here.

Add Contractor in iBuild

  • Create an account if you don't already have one, or simply log-in.  
  • Go to 'manager application, select "add/update contractor".
  • Enter your process number (aka your BD #), hit search and verify your info. 
  • Permit Type: Select the discipline of permit you need (electrical, mechanical, etc.)

  • Enter your contractor's qualifier # and select their company. If they are qualified in the City of Miami, their information will appear. If not, they need to go through the contractor registration process.

  • Hit "finish" and download your application. 

Enter iBuild

Sign & Notarize your Application 

After completing the above, you must print, sign, and notarize your application.  

Submit Application

Email a copy of your notarized document to .

  • SUBJECT: [Your Process Number] - Add/Update Contractor Request

You will hear back within 24-48 hours confirming this has been processed.

Pull Permit

You can now pull your sub-permit. Follow the below for directions (you do not need to print, just pull).

Pull Permit