Historic & Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB)

Enabled by the City's Historic Preservation Ordinance, the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB) is comprised of citizen appointees who represent the disciplines of architecture, history and historic preservation, as well as the interests of the business and neighborhood communities. The HEPB is charged with promoting the preservation of the City's heritage by identifying and designating properties of major significance, and closely monitoring alterations to them. 

The Historic and Environmental Preservation Board consists of nine members and one alternate member, appointed by the City Commission. The Board members represent specific professions related to the Board's responsibilities and possess special training, experience, and interests required to make informed decisions concerning the preservation of the physical environment. 


The HEPB meetings take place the first Tuesday of every month (except August) at City Hall: 3500 Pan American Drive. Miami, FL, 33130.

If you have any questions about an upcoming meeting, please call 305-416-2030. 

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You can view information about the board members, minutes, and past & upcoming meeting agendas below.

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