Register as a Lobbyist

Within five (5) business days of being retained as a lobbyist or before engaging in any lobbying activities, whichever comes first, every person required to register as a lobbyist shall follow these steps. 


Ensure you have to Register

Not everyone has to register as a lobbyist in order to represent others. Be sure to review our information page before you proceed.

Lobbyist Information

Complete Lobbyist Registration Form

You must print, fill, sign (original signature), and notarize the lobbyist registration form. 

2024 Lobbyist Registration Form(PDF, 257KB)

Deliver form with Payment

Your completed form with payment (if applicable), must be delivered to the City Clerk's Office (see below). 

All applicable fees are outlined in City of Miami Code Section 2-654.  Payment must be made by cash, check or money order.  

Checks/money orders must be made payable to the "City of Miami" and may be mailed or delivered to:

Office of the City Clerk
3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL  33133. 

Complete Ethics Course, Submit Certificate

Each lobbyist shall, within sixty (60) days after registering as a lobbyist, submit to the City Clerk's Office a certificate of completion of an ethics course offered by the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics & Public Trust ("Ethics Commission") to the above address. 

Lobbyists who have completed the initial ethics course mandated by the preceding sentence and have continuously registered as a lobbyist thereafter shall be required to complete a refresher ethics course offered by the Ethics Commission every two (2) years. Each Lobbyist who has completed a refresher ethics course shall submit a certificate of completion within sixty (60) days after registering as a lobbyist. 

Please contact the Ethics Commission at (305) 579-2594 or visit their website for additional information on the initial and refresher ethic courses.