Apply for a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) - Construction Related

This is an application to be granted permission for temporary trailers, fences, loading areas, sales centers, or parking for construction/land development purposes.  This permit is good for two years. 

NOTE: A commercial property does not require a separate TOP permit to be able to place a Temporary Fence, as the fence is part of the active Building Permit. You do need to apply for a building permit if erecting a structure on-site (sales center, trailer, etc).  

Please follow this order of events:

  1. You must already have an active building permit for a construction project before applying for this TOP. 
  2. Apply below for your temporary needs relating to the construction of the above project. 
  3. If approved, you may still need to apply for a building permit to address the details of the specific structure/fence, etc. that you're proposing. This includes sales centers, trailers, on-site offices, etc.  These instructions will be given to you at the end of the TOP process, below.  NOTE: Parking lots may not need a secondary permit, you will be advised if this is the case.

TIP: This permit can not be used to secure vacant land, unless you've already been approved to build on that land.  This application used to be called a Temporary Use Permit (TUP), but is now referred to as a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP).  This is not an application for a Temporary Use Permit (TUP - Zoning), or a "Temporary Use on Vacant Land".  The TUP applies to activating vacant properties for temporary uses such as structures, tents, kiosks, temporary exhibition areas, and other similar uses which deal in the areas of food, arts, vocation, culture, and entertainment.


Gather Your Information 

You will be asked for the below items on your application:

  • Applicant's name, complete address, phone, and email, email address, address of the construction site, description of use, and date(s).
  • Building Permit number for the main development project. This application only refers to projects that already have an approved building permit. 
  • A site plan drawn to scale showing property boundaries.  The name of the construction company and property address of the work site should be visible on all plan pages.  NOTE: You must reserve the top right hand corner of each page w/a 3x3 space for the City’s batch stamp.  
  • The Hold Harmless Affidavit.(PDF, 39KB) This must be downloaded, printed, notarized, and uploaded (you may use a digital notary), and must be signed by the owner, or include a notarized letter from the owner allowing someone to sign on their behalf.  
  • Explanation of use: You will be asked to describe, with detail, the reason and use for this application which may include hours and days of operation, number of employees, trailer details, etc. 
  • Lien Search: You must show that there are no pending liens/violations on this property. To do so, simply use our tool to Run a Lien/Violation Search

NOTESite Plans must show the dimensions of the lot, they must specify the entrances and exits including the dimension (measurements) of the gate, they must show the location of portable toilets, and identify the names/street address of all surrounding streets.  If the request is for the placement of a trailer, site plan must specify if the trailer will have stairs or ramps as well as the measurements of the trailer

Review Fees

The fee for a TUP is $503.50.

Complete Application

Apply for TOP


We will review your application. If all the necessary information is included, you will receive an invoice via email.

Pay Here

Await Response

You may hear from us with a need for additional information. If so, please answer any required questions. Once all requirements have been met, you will receive approval via email. 

NOTE: You will need this document when you apply for your subsequent building permit (for your sales center, fence, etc.).