Apply for a Construction Noise Waiver

Do you need to work on a construction outside of the allowed hours, or does your project require road closure(s)? If so, you need to apply for a construction noise waiver. 

  • Night time noise waivers (from 6PM-8AM) are only being considered for work that requires ROW (right of way) closures or in emergency/extreme circumstances.
  • Early morning waivers (6AM-8AM) are only being considered for interior construction projects (no road closure). 
  • Project must have an active Building Permit Number and an active Public Works Permit Number (when applicable), to be included in the Noise Waiver application.



Determine Your Need

The city allows normal construction to take place Monday - Saturday from 8AM to 6PM. If you need to work outside of these hours or on a Sunday/holiday you must get this waiver. Read the below carefully. 

  • Work that requires right of way (ROW) closures must first go through Public Works. You will need to attend the bi-weekly Public Works MOT meeting for Noise Waiver consideration - please contact Mr. Mario Machin at You will need to provide an active Public Works permit and an MOT when you apply for your noise waiver.
  • Work that applies to "inside property" construction only (i.e. no road closures) will require an active Building Permit number.
  • All waivers will require an explanation of how the requested work will eliminate or reduce any dangerous or hazardous conditions which endangers life or property.

Plan Ahead

You will need to submit your noise waiver application at least 15 business days before you plan to do work.
TIP: This timeline begins after you've completed your notification letters (see below), so leave yourself time to finish that step. 

Notify Neighbors

Before you complete the noise waiver application, you must notify all properties within a 500 ft. radius of the project. This includes residents, business, and condominiums (the management office, not specific unit owners). You must send these neighbors a copy of the "Notification Form" (completed) via certified mail and save the receipts of these letters.

TIP: If you need help finding this list or with the overall process, view How to Find & Notify Neighbors.

Proof of this completed process must be included with your application. This will be scanned in, and must include the following:

  1. The stamped (dated) USPS receipts of certified letters to your neighbors.
  2. A copy of The completed notification form.(PDF, 191KB)

REMINDER: You must keep copies of your certified mail receipts to upload with your below application. If you don’t provide proper proof of notification to your neighbors, your application will be rejected.


Apply Online

Remember to apply at least fifteen business days before you plan to start work.

Complete Noise Waiver Application


Await Response

Once your application is reviewed, you will hear from us via email within a week.  If you have any questions, you can email

IMPORTANT: Copies of approved construction noise waivers must be on site at all times and available if requested by any Police Officer or officials from Code Compliance, Public Works, or Building departments.

If you need to extend your time, a new Noise Waiver request must be submitted with ample time prior to the expiration of the previously approved one.

Fiscal Year Federally Designated Holidays:   

Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day
Dr. Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Day
Presidents’ Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day 

Per Chapter 36-6 of the City of Miami Charter and Code, noise from a construction site is prohibited between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM the following day, on weekdays, or at any time on Sundays or Holidays. A Noise Waiver can be approved by the City Manager or City Manager’s Designee, to approve at his discretion all Construction Noise Waivers on behalf of the City Manager and the City of Miami. This waiver is required for extended working hours during the work week, weekends and Federal Holidays.