Request Building Records (Microfilm)

Are you buying or renovating a property? The City keeps records of all permits and plans on any property, so that buyers and owners may be informed of a building's full history. 

The Building Department, Microfilm section is now providing all building records digitally. The steps and online form are included on this page. 

Searching building records is not free. It’s important to understand that all searches have a non-refundable processing fee. Be advised that the processing fee includes your digital files, but does not include the certification fees. We encourage you to ask for only what you need, in order to reduce the time to complete your request. Documents/plans will be sent to you electronically using Microsoft OneDrive. 

If you have general questions, please contact us at (305) 416-1140



Ensure the Building is in the City of Miami

If your property isn’t in city boundaries, we won’t be able to provide you with the building's records. Click below to do a property search.

TIP: If your property is in the City of Miami, the folio # that appears will start with "01" (e.g. Folio # 01-4137-038-0020). If not, you need to inquire with the appropriate municipality. 

Search Your Property

Gather Your Information

We will need some basic information about the property you are searching in order to give you the correct records:

  • Address
  • Folio # (you can find this on your property deed or from the above search)

Review the Fees

All Microfilm records are now sent to the customer on a digital format. Searching and processing these records is not free.

It’s important to understand that all searches have a non-refundable processing fee, which includes your digital records.

NOTE: Be advised that this does not include the certification fees. You will be invoiced accordingly, we encourage you to ask for only what you need to reduce time of completion of your request.

1. See below fee for Microfilm records searches + digital records. 

  • $44.00 non-refundable fee. Includes search, processing, and full digital records. 
  • $1.00 certification fee per page. 

NOTE: For records to be considered an official document from The City of Miami, they must be certified. 

Make Your Request

Complete the request form, this is where you will explain exactly what you need.

Building Records Request Form

Pay Search Fees

We will process your search request within three business days, and someone from our department will send you an invoice for your non-refundable search/processing fees and digital records ($44) via email which includes a financial transaction ID.

NOTE: Keep record of this payment.

Pay Here

Notify Us of Your Payment

  • After you've paid your search fees, reply to your contact via email (the person who sent your invoice) and show proof of payment.
  • You can email if you're unsure who to contact.
  • At this time, you will either be sent a link to your digital files or will be given a completion date for your request.

Please anticipate 20 working days (from time of payment) for completion of your request. 

Pay Final Invoice

Someone from Microfilm will contact you with your final balance and invoice (for certification fees, if applicable). 

Pay Here

Retrieve Files

Once you have paid all fees, you will receive an email from your representative in the Microfilm Section with a link to your records in Microsoft OneDrive as well as instructions. You can retrieve and download your digital files here. 

NOTE: This link expires after 14 days.  If you do not retrieve your files within this time frame, will have to pay for your records again. 

A Note on Exempt Records

Some properties are exempt from the release of records without proper authorization.  You will be notified if your requested property falls under this prevision and given instructions how to proceed. 

Pursuant to 119.07, Florida Statutes, the release of blueprints, plans, schematic drawings, and diagrams of large structures such as office buildings (300,000 sq ft or more), retail and service developments (400,000 sq. ft. or more), health care facilities, hotels, motels, government buildings, arenas, stadium, water treatment facility, or other structures owned, leased or operated by a government agency require explicit owner permission. This includes and not limited to churches, chapel, schools, colleges, universities, and other large recreational or resort facilities. A notarized original letter on the institution/agency letterhead must be submitted from the building manager of the building for which plans are needed; stating the property address, name of the person who will be receiving the copies, the purpose for which the plans will be used, and the specific type of plans or drawings needed. Please bear in mind that the letter is only valid for 5 working days from its date of issuance. Moreover, a new letter will be required every time you request such records.