Bi-annual Cycle for Public Hearings

Have you submitted a Future Land Use amendment and a request for a Zoning Atlas change application through ePlan? Do you need to know what you will need to submit to have a complete Request for Public Hearing?



The Fall 2021 pre-application cycle is OPEN.  

Those wishing to submit applications for the Fall 2021 Rezoning must first attend a pre-application meeting, which you can apply for on this page.  The deadline to request a pre-application meeting is January 27, 2021. 

Important Dates: 

  • The deadline to request a pre-application meeting for the Fall 2021 has closed. 
  • The deadline to apply for a Rezone/FLUM/SAP is February 24, 2021 (you can not do this unless you already applied for a pre-application meeting). 
  • All pre-screen corrections must be made by March 17, 2021  
  • First cycle of staff comments issued by April 24, 2021* 
  • First meeting with staff will occur by May 5, 2021 
  • Deadline to respond to staff's comments is May 25, 2021* 
  • Second cycle of staff comments (if any) issued by June 8, 2021
  • Second meeting with staff will occur by June 14, 2021
  • Deadline to respond to staff's comments is July 1, 2021*
  • Batch Stamp will occur by July 30, 2021
  • Expect to be contacted by Hearing Boards in August 2021

*NOTE: Failure to respond timely to staff's comments may impact the public hearing date.

 The checklists containing the required documents for ePlan upload are online and were revised in December 2020.

NOTE: You will have the option to attend your meeting either in-person, virtually (conducted via Microsoft Teams) or as a hybrid (some team members in-person, others virtually).

You must have the following documents completed and ready for review during your Pre-application meeting with the Planning department:

1) Letter of Intent

2) Analysis of proposed zoning change. This must address how your proposal meets criteria of Miami 21, Article 7, Section (a and f)

3) If you are applying for a Future Land Use Map (FLUM) amendment, address how your proposal is consistent with the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP)

4) Zoning map of the surrounding area (half-mile radius from property). 

5) FLUM of the surrounding area (half-mile radius from property). 

  • After you've been pre-screened, you'll hear from the planner who has been assigned to analyze your submittal. They will conduct a site visit and request any additional information needed (i.e. traffic study, etc.).
  • Planning staff will finalize their analyses and batch stamp documents for public hearing. NOTE: Planners cannot assign hearing dates.
  • Only individuals who have documents with a "Staff Review Complete" stamp through ePlan may request a hearing with Hearing Boards.
  • Contact Hearing Boards staff at 305.416.2030 to request an appointment to review your stamped documents and receive additional information.