Request a Temporary Event Permit (TEP)


  • Cut off for Special Event and Temporary Event Permit applications for Art Basel/Art Miami week (taking place taking place Dec. 4th to Dec. 10th) is October 13th at midnight.
  • Cut off day for Special Event Building Permit applications for Art Basel is Nov 10th, 2023.

If you are hosting a large event in a home (100 people or more), or an event of any size in other private property that is not designated for events, you must apply for a TEP. View Municode for specific permit rules. See below for exceptions. 


  • If you're hosting any event that requires street closure, takes place on City property, will take place at a park for more than 300 people, or you plan to have alcohol, then you need to apply for a Special Event permit.
  • Applications for temporary event permits shall be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the temporary event. Applications that do not comply with this requirement shall only be considered upon payment of double the application fee and availability of city staff to review.



Determine Eligibility

This is a specific type of permit for an event held on private property. You may only request and receive a TEP twice a year for up to 14 consecutive days on a single property. If the event is taking place on City-owned property, the property is limited to ten events per year, for fourteen consecutive days each.

Collect Documents

NOTE: In order for our office to review your application, we need the following required documents. Please be advised that if you do not provide these documents, the process can not commence. 

  1. Site Plan (drawn to scale, in a digital format, must include floor plan for indoor spaces), showing property boundaries with event name, address, date and time printed on all plan page.   If serving and/or selling alcohol, please identify where. NOTE: You must reserve the top right hand corner of each page w/a 3x3 space for the City’s batch stamp.
  2. Parking plan.
  3. Life Safety Plan (showing entrance and exit points, occupancy, lighting set-up & specifications, fire extinguishers, a security plan, etc.)


You will also be asked the following:

  • Address of the event, nature of event, description of event (including but not limited to: cost of admission, inventory value, number of seats, number of employees), date & time of event, property owner. 

NOTE: Site plans must show the dimensions of the lot and specify the entrances and exits including the dimension (measurements) of the gate. If using tents, you must show there placement, location of portable toilets, trash receptacles, location of all tables and chairs should be specified and the names of all surrounding streets.

NOTE: Floor plans must show the square footage of the location being used, the entrances and exits including dimension (size) & emergency exits, location of fire extinguishers, location of stairs (if any), locations of bathrooms, location of all tables and chairs should be specified and the names of surrounding streets. 

After your application:

  • BTR must be provided if/when admission is charged or sales are conducted.
  • Copy of active Liquor License must be provided if serving or selling alcohol.
  • If you plan to erect a tent larger than 10x10, you will have to get a fire safety permit & Building permit.  
  • Apply for Building permits, if applicable.
  • Proof of notification letters (see below, this is not part of your original application, but will be an additional document ). 

Review Fees

The fee for this permit is $253.50 if submitted 30 days or more prior to the event.  If submitted within less than 30 days of the event, the fee is $507.00 (double fee).  Please be advised that this is not an expediting fee, this is a late submittal penalty fee.

Complete Application

  • You can now apply for your TEP online. You will need to upload copies of the documents listed above.

Complete TEP Application Online

NOTE: If you're looking for the special permit for COVID testing/vaccine pop-ups, you can complete the application on this page. 

Prepare Notification Letters

  • Wait to hear from us. We will walk you through this process via email after we pre-screen your application. 

Pay Invoice

You will be sent an invoice which you can pay online. 
NOTE: Your application will not be fully processed until you have paid your invoice. 

Respond to Notes from The City

  • The City will create a project in ProjectDox and invite you into the project, via email. If you've never used ePlan/ProjectDox before, you'll have to create an account.
  • The City departments will review your application, and request additional information or corrections, as needed. 
  • New/corrected documents should be uploaded directly into ePlan/ProjectDox. 
  • Once all departments have approved, you will receive an "all approved documents" via an email. 

Print/Pull Permit

Once you've been approved, you will be provided with a permit.