Get a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Completion (CC)

Have you recently finished a new construction project or alterations to your home or workspace? The City of Miami issues a CO/CC to certify that a building (or renovation project) has been completed in compliance with applicable code(s). 

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued for new construction or change of use (i.e. from a school to a restaurant), while a Certificate of Completion (CC) is needed for remodels, renovations and shell buildings. 

NOTE: When you are in iBuild, your permit application will indicate whether a CO or CC is required. For smaller projects like a fence installation, a CO or CC is not required, but can be requested.


Gather the following information

We need to ensure that your permit is final before we can issue a CC/CO.  Please collect/confirm: 

  • Permit Number.
  • Full address, with unit if applicable.
  • That all outstanding permit revisions/requests (Change of Contractor, etc.) have been completed. 
  • All final inspections have been completed/approved.

Request the CC

You have two options to request your CC/CO.

a. Fill out the below form for a CO/CC request. After applying, if your information is verified and correct, your certificate will be available to print within 3-5 days on iBuild (select 'manage permit, search permit', then view the "certificates" tab to print).

If there is a problem with your request (you will be notified of this) OR if you see a problem with your certificate, you will need to come to the Building department to review - 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor. 

CC/CO Application

b. Requests can also be made in-person at Miami Riverside Center, 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor in the Building Department. If you request your CC/CO in-person and all information is verified and correct, you will receive the document immediately. 

NOTE: For threshold buildings, the threshold engineer will need to submit for record a three-ring binder with all the final laboratory test results.