Apply for Single Family Rehabilitation/Replacement (Low-Income)

Are you living in a single-family home that you own, are considered a low-income household, and need to make repairs? The City of Miami provides funding for low-income homeowners for the rehabilitation (including emergency or replacement) of their owner-occupied properties to achieve decent, safe, and sanitary conditions.  

Once your application is reviewed, the Housing & Community Development department will determine if your rehab is an emergency (if you have noted as such), or, in rare cases, if a replacement is needed


Confirm City Limits and Property Value

  • Your property must be in city boundaries. You can search your address using the County Property website. If your property is in the City of Miami, the folio number will begin with "01". 
  • This website will also display your assessed property value. You must view the total assessed value for the most recent year.
  • The assessed value must be no more than 90% of the Average Area Purchase Price for Miami-Dade County, currently at $568,557, as issued by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation annually for SHIP-funded Programs. 

Search Address

Confirm Eligibility & Program Details

NOTE: The below application applies to all three programs. The Housing & Community Development Department will decide which response (rehab, replacement, or emergency) you are applicable for. 

Is this an Emergency?

If you feel your housing condition is hazardous to you/your family, you should note 'emergency' on the application below.  We will send an inspector to determine if the rehab qualifies as an emergency. 

Apply for Program

You can email us at for a paper copy of the application, or you can call us to have a form mailed to you.  Please call 305-416-2080 and request the "Single Family Rehabilitation Application" form.

Starting Monday, June 26, 2023, homeowners can also apply via the online portal by visiting  or by clicking on the button below. If this is the first time accessing the portal, you will need to register your account. Please click the Register tab once in the portal’s log in page, then enter your email address, name, and a password where indicated. After this, an email will then be sent to you, asking you to click on the link to confirm your email address.

NOTE: The portal is hosted by Neighborly Software and is accessible via any internet connected device. The recommended browser is Google Chrome but it will work with any modern web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer v10+, FireFox, Safari).


Await Response 

If you are determined pre-eligible, you will receive a letter (within a week of applying), from The City confirming we have received your application and assigned a waitlist number.  You can call and inquire about your waitlist position at any time 305-416-2149. 

You will be informed if you're ineligible and why. 

TIP: This program is based on both federal and state funding availability; the waitlist progresses accordingly. 

Set Appointment + Collect Documents

You will receive a second letter to notify you when your turn arises with a list of documents you'll need to present.  At the time, you will need to call and make an appointment, and will have to provide your documentation at that appointment. Call: 305-416-2080. 

NOTE: All members of your household over the age of 18 will need to be present at that meeting. 

Proceed with Work

If you are determined eligible, all costs, repairs, timing, and repayments will be explained to you.