Get a Floating Meter Permit

Are you doing construction or hosting a special event that requires extra water (for portable bathrooms, for instance)? If you're trying to get a floating meter, you will need a permit from The City in order to receive County approval. 



Fill out Application Form

Apply for your permit using the form below. If you want to apply in-person, you can visit the City of Miami's Fire Plans Review Section on the 4th floor of Miami Riverside Center - 444 SW 2nd Ave. 

Floating Meter Permit Application

Pay Fees

Once you've completed the form, an invoice will be sent to you shortly with a transaction ID #. You must pay this fee before you will receive your permit.

The fee for The City is $175, this is separate from the county fee. 

Pay Fee

NOTE: The City permit will be good for one year. 

Present Permit to County

  • Once payment has been processed, you will receive a scanned permit from The City. You must present this permit to Dade County Water & Sewer Department (WASD) and pay their fees (approximately $2500).

They are located at:
3575 S. Le Jeune Rd, Miami, FL, 33133 (Ph): 305-665-7477

Pickup Meter

WASD will give you a second form to complete, which will you must present to their secondary office (keep a copy of the City permit will you as well).

They are located at:
1001 NW 11th Street, Miami, 33136

At this time, you will receive your floating or stationary meter along with a hydrant wrench. If desired, you can move the meter between hydrants (on the same site) as needed.