Get a DERM Inspection for a Certificate of Use (CU)

Are you trying to obtain a Certificate of Use (CU)? The City of Miami require an inspection by the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) for all CU's in order to protect our underground structures. 


Ensure You Have Applied and Paid for your Certificate of Use.

You cannot get inspections until your application has been filed and paid for. If you have not yet applied or paid, click here to do so.

Review Your Required Inspection Sheet.

Your CU application will need to stamped & signed by DERM.  Be sure to take this with you.  

Visit DERM.

Bring your application to DERM at:

701 NW 1st Court
Miami, FL

They will review your application on-site. You must pay at the time of your visit, and they will stamp & sign your paperwork.

NOTE: Cash or credit card is suggested for faster processing.