Mission Statement: To ethically procure quality goods and services, design, construction and construction management services at the best value for the City, while providing excellent customer service, process efficiency, transparency, fairness, competition, accountability, and maintaining public trust. 


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If you want to do business with the City of Miami, you will have to register as a supplier. You can view open solicitations as well, below. 

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Amazon Local Seller Initiative

Throughout the year, The City of Miami auctions off surplus goods such as vehicles, boats, furniture, office supplies, art, etc. 

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Ethics is a fundamental principle within the public procurement profession. The City of Miami Procurement Department employees adhere to various codes of ethics, which includes the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, City of Miami and the Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP).

Procurement Department Code of Ethics

 To strengthen the City-Supplier relationship and maintain honor, integrity, honesty, good faith, trust, cooperation, and understanding in our business relationship and overall procurement process, both parties will adhere to these codes of ethics.


View the full Procurement Ordinance (Code) of the City of Miami, 

     Commonly visited portions of the Code include, but are not limited to:


     Small Purchases


     Cone of Silence

     Unsolicited Proposals

     Disputes and Legal Remedies

     Contracts for public works or improvements

     Professional Services

     Responsible Wage

     Living Wage

     Debarment and Suspensions

State statutes commonly referred to include, but are not limited to:

     Consultant Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA)

     Local Bids and Contracts for Public Construction Works

     Timely Payment for Nonconstruction Services

     Timely Payment for Construction Services


Below, please find a list of current events hosted by the Procurement Department. If you don't see anything here, check back soon, as we try to host events often. 

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Annie Perez, CPPO – Director of Procurement/Chief Procurement Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1910 /  Email:

Kyle Brudzinski –Assistant to the Director

   Phone: (305) 416-1909  Email:

Tahlia Gray, MBA, CPPB – Procurement Analyst

   Phone: (305) 416-1912 / Email: 


Yadissa Calderon, CPPB – Assistant Director

   Phone: (305) 416-1907 / Email:

Charles Johnson III, MBA – Senior Procurement Contracting Manager

   Phone: (305) 416-1927 Email:

Eduardo Falcon, CPPB – Procurement Contracting Manager

   Phone: (305) 416-1901 / Email:

Richard McLaren, CPM – Senior Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1958 / Email:

Justin Griffin – Senior Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1949 Email:

Teresa Soto – Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1919 / Email:

Victoria Giraldo – Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1916 / Email:

Vacant – Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: TBD / Email: TBD

Maria Busto – P-Card/Surplus Administrator

   Phone: (305) 416-1903 / Email:

Aimee Gandarilla – Procurement Assistant II

   Phone: (305) 416-1906 / Email:

Aileen Carbonell, MPA – Procurement Assistant 

   Phone: (305) 416-1922 Email:


Fernando Ponassi, MA Arch., MA PPA, LEED®A – Assistant Director

   Phone: (305) 416-1902 / Email:

Anthony Hansen – Senior Procurement Contracting Manager

   Phone: (305) 416-1895 Email:

Max Sagesse – Senior Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1913 / Email:

Cristiane Lima  – Senior Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: (305) 416-1904  / Email:

Vacant – Senior Procurement Contracting Officer

   Phone: TBD / Email: TBD

Luis Caseres – Construction Procurement Assistant

   Phone: (305) 416-1923 / Email:



To be a leader in the professional public procurement community by striving to achieve excellence in areas of integrity, trust, ethical practices, innovation, and strategic performance.


Proactive Innovation: Adaptable, result oriented behaviors and processes aimed at generating new initiatives and implementing constructive changes to improve process efficiency and efficacy. 

Professional Service: Assisting all stakeholders while maintaining the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior, specialized knowledge and subject matter expertise. 

Impartiality: Creating processes and decision-making that are open, fair, transparent, objective, equitable and unprejudiced. 

Accountability: Ensuring information, policies, and processes are transparent, open and readily accessible to ensure complete ownership and responsibility to stakeholders for our actions. 

Integrity: Firm and consistent alignment of policies, and adherence to, a code of shared standards for ethical values, principles, and norms for upholding and prioritizing the public interest and public good over private interests. 

Ethics: Moral principles governing actions to uphold the organization's standards, policies and all relevant legislation.

Our values are essential to preserve the public's trust, protect the public interest, ensure fairness for the public good, and ensure responsible use of public funds.

Authorized City of Miami Employees Only:

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