Schedule a Building Inspection

Are you doing construction/renovations and are ready for inspections? The City of Miami requires inspections for all phases of the building process to ensure safe and stable structures.

NOTE: Each permit holder must request the specific inspection type for which they hold the permit (building/electrical/pluming, etc.).  

TIP:  You do not need inspections unless or until your permit has been approved & construction is complete.  If you have not yet applied for a permit, find out how.


Determine Who Needs to Request Your Inspection.

Your inspections must be requested by the appropriate party in order to obtain a certificate of completion or a certificate of occupancy.  

  • If you were issued your permit as an "owner-builder", you are responsible for requesting only the building inspection.  You may not request inspections for any of the trades/sub-permits (plumbing, electrical, mechanical) (see below).  
  • All sub-contractors (plumbing, electrical, mechanical) must request the inspections for their sub-permits themselves. 
  • If you are a contractor/have hired a contractor, they are responsible for requesting all inspections for which they are the permit holder. 

Request a Building Inspection.

  • All permit types (fences, sheds, driveway, remodeling, construction, etc.) carry different inspection requirements during different phases of the construction process, which are outlined in your permit application/permit form. 
  • Inspections can be requested online (through the link below), or you can call 311 with questions or to make additional requests.

NOTE: You will need each permit/sub-permit number to complete this process (i.e. a plumbing inspection will need the plumbing sub-permit number, a roofing inspection will need the roofing permit number, etc.).  If you have a master permit, all inspections are covered under this permit number. 

TIP: You can request your inspection(s) up to five days in advance, although they usually occur the day after the request is made. You will receive a confirmation and inspection date at the completion of this online form. 

Request Inspection Here
**Select 'inspections', 'schedule an inspection'

Track Inspector Route.

On the day of your inspection, you can access the route & information of your inspector, see how many appointments are ahead of you, and determine (approximately) when they will arrive at your site. 

Click here to view route

Wait for Approval.

Once your inspection takes place, you will be notified immediately (on-site) if you have passed. If you require corrections, the inspector will notify you. When the corrections are completed, you must start this process over.