Housing & Community Development

The Department of Housing & Community Development coordinates programs funded through federal and state grants to assist Miami's economically disadvantaged residents and neighborhoods. Through cooperative partnerships with the public and private sectors, the Department oversees the divisions of Housing and Administrative Services, which are dedicated to giving low-income residents access to the region's economic growth and prosperity. 

Please read the following information before visiting our office.

The City of Miami is committed to take all necessary steps to prevent discrimination and provide accessibility to people with disabilities, the main goal is to ensure access to programs, services and activities sponsored by the City. Anyone who would like to request material in accessible form, a sign language interpreter, or an accommodation please use the Accessibility Request below.

Accessibility Request

To request ADA accommodation for any of our programs, meetings, or any other activities please contact Christine Bermudez (305) 416-2096 Voice, e-mail cbermudez@miamigov.com, or Nancy Romani, (305) 416-1770 Voice, e-mail nancyromani@miamigov.com. Please leave a detailed message with your name, contact information and the service needed and we will reach out to you within one business day (Monday through Friday). TTY users may also call 711 (Florida Relay Service).

Effective immediately, the Flagler Street Beautification Project will involve the closure of NE/SE 1st Avenue to vehicles including the valet parking service located directly in front of the office building where our Department is located. To ensure accessibility of our programs and services to the public the Dept. of Housing & Community Development will be taking measures; options are available to allow customers to use online services, a designated drop zone to allow in person services, physical access to the building will remain accessible via NE 1 Street and NE 1 Avenue (pedestrian access only).


Our Department is based at the One Flagler Building, located at 14 NE 1 Ave., Miami, FL 33132, on the Second Floor. Public parking is available for visitors at two nearby municipal locations a few blocks away, both managed by the Miami Parking Authority (MPA). Access to these parking locations is accessible via NE 2 Street, which is a one-way street that only heads east. Please look for the MPA logo signs outside these lots as privately owned parking lots can charge higher fees. Below are details for the MPA parking locations which are both within an easy walking distance of our Department offices. If you have additional questions or require assistance, please call our main line at 305-416-2080.

Sobre nuestra localizacion 

Nuestro Departamento esta ubicado en el Edificio One Flagler, Segundo Piso, que se encuentra en la 14 NE 1 Avenida, Miami, FL 33132. Las opciones de estacionamientos municipales para visitantes a este edificio quedan a pocas cuadras del edificio y son administrados por el Miami Parking Authority (MPA). Puede llegar a estos estacionamientos utilizando la NE 2 St., la cual es de una sola via hacia el este. Por favor, busque el logo del MPA ya que los lotes privados pueden cobrar precios mas altos para estacionar vehi­culos.  Los datos sobre estos estacionamientos municipales que se encuentran a una moda distancia caminable de nuestra oficina, estan abajo. Si tiene preguntas adicionales, o requiere asistencia favor llamar a nuestra li­nea principal al 305-416-2080.  

Ki kote nou sitye

Depatman nou baze nan Bilding One Flagler, ki sitye a 14 NE 1 Ave., Miami, FL 33132, sou Dezyèm Etaj la. Gen garaj pakin piblik disponib pou vizitè yo nan de kote lokal ki tou pre kèk blòk distans, tou de jere pa Miami Parking Authority (MPA). Aksè nan lokal pakin sa yo aksesib via NE 2 Street, ki se yon lari yon sèl-direksyon ki ale sèlman nan direksyon lès. Tanpri chache siy logo MPA yo deyò pakin sa yo kòm pakin prive ka chaje frè pi wo. Anba la a se detay pou lokasyon pakin MPA ki tou de nan yon distans ki fasil pou mache a pye nan biwo Depatman nou yo. Si ou gen lòt kesyon oswa bezwen asistans, tanpri rele liy prensipal nou an nan 305-416-2080.

Parking Options/Opciones de Estacionamiento / Espas pou Opsyon

Option #1: College Station Garage (Garage #3)
190 NE 3 St., Miami, FL 33132
Entrance to and exit from this garage are available along NE 2 St. (east bound) and along NE 3 St. (west bound).

Opcion #1: College Station Garage (Garage #3)
Puede entrar al estacionamiento cubierto por la NE 2 St. y tambien la NE 3 St. 

  • Free First 1/2 Hour
  • $4.00 1/2 Hour to 1 Hour
  • $4.00 Additional Hour

Opsyon #1: Garaj College Station (Garaj #3) 
Antre ak sòti ladan’l disponib sou NE 2 St. (nan direksyon lès) ak sou NE 3 St. (nan direksyon lwès).

  • Premye ½ èdtan gratis
  •  $4.00 1/2 èdtan a 1 èdtan 
  •  $4.00 Chak èdtan an plis


Option #2: Lot 41 (surface lot, not covered)

120 NE 2 St., Miami, FL 33132

  • $4.00 5 min - 1 hour
  • $2.00 Additional Hour

Opcion #2: Lote 41, estacionamiento descubierto

120 NE 2 St., Miami, FL 33132

  • $4.00 5 min - 1 Hora
  • $2.00 Hora Adicional

Opsyon #2: Lot 41 (pakin bo lari, ki pa kouvri)ʉۢ

120 NE 2 St., Miami, FL 33132 

  • $4.00 5 min – 1 èdtan
  • $2.00 èdtan an plis 


Option #3: Curbside street parking.
A few street/curb side parking spots exist and are identified along the south side of NE 2 Street. Should you locate one, these charge $1.75 the hour. 

Valet parking is available along the front of the building at the visitor's expense. It is $10 for the first 30 minutes and $15 for the day. 

Opcion #3: Aparcamiento en la calle en la acera
Hay algunos espacios de estacionamiento designados que corren al lado de la NE 2 Street con un cargo de $1.75 la hora. 

Hay estacionamiento valet a la entrada de nuestro edificio pero el visitante es responsable por el gasto completo que es $10 por los primeros 30 minutos, y $15 al di­a. 

Opsyon #3: Pakin bo lari a. 

Gen kèk plas pakin bo lari a sou bo sid nan NE 2 Street. Si ou ta jwenn you, sa yo chaje $1.75 pa è. 

Opportunity Zones (OZ) were established as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 aimed at spurring economic development and job creation in distressed communities throughout the country. The Act allows for Qualified Opportunity Funds, which are private sector investment vehicles that invest at least 90 percent of eligible capital in Opportunity Zones. Investors in a Qualified Opportunity Fund defer all, or part, of their tax gains either when the investment is sold or exchanged at a gain, or by Dec. 31, 2026. If the investment is held for a full 10 years, the opportunity zone tax reduction is 15%. The concept behind Opportunity Zones is that the longer the investment is held, the lighter the tax burden.

The IRS published a list of more than 8,700 census tracts designated by the Secretary of the Treasury as qualified opportunity zones in the 50 states and U.S. territories: https://www.cdfifund.gov/Pages/Opportunity-Zones.aspx. There are 60+ tracts in Miami-Dade County that qualify as OZs and 20-some tracts located in the City of Miami. In order to see the OZs within City of Miami limits, please use the following link:

Opportunity Zone Map

For the most common questions and answers on the OZ program in general, please visit the IRS’ website: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/opportunity-zones-frequently-asked-questions


Request for Proposals & Qualifications

The City of Miami Department of Housing & Community Development posts formal solicitations on this website to inform the general public, non-profit agencies, for-profit organizations and other local municipalities of possible funding opportunities. Interested parties who participate in our formal competitive process shall be solely responsible for checking this website for any issuance of addendums and to receive updated information. 

View RFPs 

NOTE: These RFPs only refer to Housing & Community Development programs, if you're looking for Procurement RFPS & Contracts, you can visit this page