Obtain an Annual Elevator Certificate

Florida law requires that building owners must have their elevators inspected and certified annually. These instructions show you how to properly obtain this certificate. 


Select Appropriate Inspection

Two factors will determine whether an inspection will count towards renewing a Certificate of Operation (CO): the type of inspection and when it was completed.  The inspection must be either:

  • A routine inspection/periodic test with no violations (as determined by ASME 17.1).
  • A call-back inspection (if there are any violations on the above inspection) clearing those violations must be corrected within 90 days, per Florida Statute 399.105(4).  If these violations are not corrected within 90 days, you can be fined up to $1000 per violation, per elevator for non-compliance. 

NOTE: Per the State of Florida, every five years, building owners are required to also do a CAT 5 Inspection, as per ASME 17.1.

Complete Your Inspection

You must use a third-party inspector (approved by the State of Florida) to complete the above inspection.  The inspector must utilize the State of Florida elevator inspection form.

Submit Inspection Results

You must submit your passing inspection documents (signed by the inspector and the building owner/owner representative) to our elevator division to obtain your Annual Elevator Certificate.

NOTE: Any and all annual fees or outstanding fines must be paid to The City before receiving your annual certificate. 

Elevator Division: 
Miami Riverside Center (MRC)
444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor (look for the Elevator Division sign)
Miami, FL