Hold Harmless Agreement (Subdivision Regulation)

In order to get a Hold Harmless agreement in complying with subdivision regulation in reference to City of Miami Code section 55-10(i), you need to prepare a package with the following documents. 

NOTE: This does not refer to the hold harmless agreement for Building Department applications & permits.

1. Print and fill-out this application(PDF, 301KB) (this will be turned in with your package). 

3. You also need to provide:

  • If Owner is a private individual:
    A. A copy of Tentative Plat approval letter by the Plat and Street Committee.
    B. Provide Warranty Deed.
    C. Provide latest property tax notice WITH LEGAL DESCRIPTION
  • If Owner is a Corporation, or LLC, in addition to A, B, and C, provide:
    D. The Florida Good standings document AND Sunbiz detail by entity name for each corporation/company involved.
    E. Original of Opinion of Title, to include who can sign for the owner (this takes the place of a corporate resolution)
  • If Owner is a Partnership or Trust, in addition to A, B, C, and D provide:
    F. Original partnership or trust documentation of authority to execute documents/written consent from owners.

4. Owner must return application and all completed documents to 8th floor Department of Resilience and Public Works, Development and Roadway Plans Section. 444 SW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL. 

*Application fee is $2750. Recording fees depend on the number of pages. Your fees will be determined and invoiced to you when you receive your executed covenant via email.  
*The approval, preparation and execution of the agreement MUST BE accomplished prior to issuance of the required permit (s).