Hold Harmless Agreement (Subdivision Regulation)

In order to get a Hold Harmless agreement in complying with subdivision regulation in reference to City of Miami Code section 55-10(i), you need to prepare a package with the following documents. 

NOTE: This does not refer to the hold harmless agreement for Building Department applications & permits.

1. Complete Application

Fill out this application(PDF, 280KB) which must be submitted by email with your below package, to Arelys Guzman at aguzman@miamigov.com.

2. Provide Documents

  • If Owner is a private individual:
    A. A copy of Tentative Plat approval letter by the Plat and Street Committee.
    B. Provide Warranty Deed.
    C. Provide latest property tax notice WITH LEGAL DESCRIPTION
  • If Owner is a Corporation, or LLC, in addition to A, B, and C, provide:
    D. The Florida Good standings document AND Sunbiz detail by entity name for each corporation/company involved.
    E. Original of Opinion of Title, to include who can sign for the owner (this takes the place of a corporate resolution)
  • If Owner is a Partnership or Trust, in addition to A, B, C, and D provide:
    F. Original partnership or trust documentation of authority to execute documents/written consent from owners.

3. Submit Package

Email completed application and documents to Arelys Guzman at aguzman@miamigov.com.

*Application fee is $2750. Recording fees depend on the number of pages. Your fees will be determined and invoiced to you when you receive your executed covenant via email.  
*The approval, preparation and execution of the agreement MUST BE accomplished prior to issuance of the required permit (s).