Get a Fence Permit

Do you want to build a fence? A fence permit must be granted for both residential and commercial properties in order to ensure safety and compliance.

NOTE: If your proposed fence is part of a larger, existing project that you got permitted before the launch of ePlan on 12/5/18, then you will need to bring your plans/documents to the Building department in-person at the below address.  Do not follow the step for submitting documents online. 

444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor.


Verify that your Project is in the City of Miami

You need to ensure that your property is in City limits, and you'll need your property's folio #. You can find this using our GIS tool, hit "search" and search your address.  

NOTE: The search bar auto-populates to a specific format. Type slowly and wait for your address to pop up. If you're not in the City of Miami, your address won't appear. 

Prepare Before You Apply.

You may want to review the Miami21 zoning code in reference to fences. Search "fence" for applicable sections.

NOTE: If your fence is for a construction area, you actually need a Temporary Use Permit (TUP).

Meet with a Qualified Licensed Contractor

  • It is recommended that you seek-out a qualified contractor who is familiar with this type of work.
  • Owners of residential properties may qualify as an owner/builder, which requires an exam and an interview.
  • View owner builder requirements if you'd like to take the exam at: 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor.

Collect Documents

You will need the following documents in order to get your fence permit:

  • A Recent Site Survey. This must be prepared by a certified Surveyor. The survey cannot be more than one year old and must be drawn to scale. 
  • A site plan, showing where the fence will be placed in relation to the existing building(s) and property lines.
  • Details of your fence design. If you are purchasing your fence from a fence company, you will likely be able to obtain the details from them. The details must include height, materials, type of fence, and location on property (this can be drawn on your survey).  The City of Miami can also provide fence detail for the most common fence types (you can visit the Building Department at 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th floor to make this request).
  • NOTE: If you already got your Base Building Line physically marked by Public Works on your survey and want to use that, you will need to submit this document in person, to be scanned by the Building Department. If not, the Building/Public Works departments will do this internally after you apply (below).

Fill out Application

NOTE: Once you start your application, you can "save for later", log back in, and "resume application" at a later time or date.

  • You will need to create an iBuild account to apply (or if you already have an account, you can simply login).
  • Select "start application" and then "building application".
  • After filling out the application, you will be asked if you'd like to upload your plans electronically. 
    >>If yes, proceed with the below steps.  
    >>If no, submit all of your documents (including your signed & notarized application, which is printed after you apply below) to the Building Department at 444 SW 2nd Ave, 4th Floor.
  • Prior to submitting your application, you will be asked to designate a "main point of contact".  This person will be the recipient of an email (from directing them to submit documents/drawings. This point of contact does not need to be the applicant (can be a contractor, architect, etc.).

Apply for Fence Permit

Print & Notarize

  • After you submit your application, you will see a confirmation page with the options to download your package. Download your package, print, and notarize where applicable. 
  • Even if you are uploading your drawings & documents electronically (see below), you will still need to scan this entire document (all pages) as part of your online package.

NOTE: Your application package will generate a "Miami Dade County RER/Municipal Application" (two pages). You DO NOT need to complete this portion.

Pay Upfront Fee

Your application package includes a financial transaction page (invoice) and a transaction ID. You can click the pay button immediately after submission or follow below. 

  • The upfront fee is based on the total cost of the project. If it's a residential project and the cost is less than $2500, no upfront fees will apply.

Pay Upfront Fees

Prepare your Documents for Upload

You must follow a Standard Naming Convention in order to upload documents or your application will be delayed.

NOTE: These names can not change once they've been given.

View Naming Instructions

NOTE: Any documentation prepared by a design professional (i.e. electrical engineer, architect, etc.), that is “signed and sealed”, will require a digital signature.  This does not refer to an applicant's physical signature on an application.

 How to Obtain a Digital Signature (Design Professionals)

Upload Documents

Upon payment (or submission if you had no upfront fees), you will receive an email with a link to Electronic Plan Review Portal (ProjectDox).

If you've never created an account, you must do so. If you already have an account, login (this is also called ProjectDox - same account/login).

  • Select "manage my existing projects," locate your project, and complete the applicant upload task. 
  • Upload all required documents and drawings (ie. completed signed permit application, NOAs, etc.) .

How to Upload Documents Electronically

NOTE: Please be sure to verify that all required drawings & documents have been included in your upload, and are placed in the appropriate folder ("Drawings vs. Documents"). Once you hit "upload complete - send to City of Miami", your ability to upload any more documents will be restricted until the completion of the City's application acceptance process. 

Upload Documents in ePlan Portal

Wait for Application Acceptance

  • Your application, documents, and drawings will be pre-screened to see if they are complete and in compliance with our submittal standards (i.e. file naming convention, signed & sealed documents, et al).
  • We will notify you via e-mail (from if there is a problem with your submission. 
  • TIP: A common mistake is not following the City’s standard file naming conventions or having more than one page per file for drawings.  

Respond to Review

  • Once your application has been accepted, it will undergo review.   NOTE: For a Building permit application it usually takes 14 business days for the first cycle of review to be completed.
  • You will be notified (via email) if your application requires corrections.  If so, address the concerns and upload any revised drawings and/or documents.
  • This process may need to be repeated several times before your application is accepted.

NOTE: You may modify the content of your file(s), but do not change the file names when you re-submit, unless you have been instructed to do so.

Submit Corrections in ePlan

Await Final Approval

You will be notified when your plans are approved. You will be required to complete several finalization steps, which may include “Adding/Updating Contractor”. The email you receive will include detailed steps for how to complete this process.

Pay Re-Review Fees (if applicable)

You may receive a final transaction ID (invoice) for "re-review" fees and any potential ancillary fees due. You must pay these fees before you pull your permit.

You can pay your invoice online or at the cashier on the 4th floor.  

Pay Here

Pull Permit

View instructions for pulling your permit, on step 13 of the permit guide.  You can also view how to Download approved plans here. 

Pull Permit Instructions

Print Permit Card

Once you have paid, you can print your permit card from the kiosks in the building department or at home by visiting iBuild (option "print permit card"). 

NOTE: You must keep this permit card, survey, and fence detail on-site at all times. 

Begin Construction or Permitted Work

Don’t forget to always have your permit card and a job site copy of the approved plans at your project site

Schedule Inspection

After you've finished work, you'll have to undergo inspections in order to close your permit. We've outlined some of the steps for getting inspections on the below link.  



The below tips will assist you with a faster permit-approval process.

  • Height of the Fence (residential): If you plan to build your fence higher than six feet, the plans will go under structural review, which is a slower process than using the standard fence details.
  • "Visibility Triangle" (residential): Anywhere you have a driveway, you must meet the visibility triangle (explained in Miami21, section Tip: Search "triangle" within this document.
  • Try to meet the rules of the code without asking for exceptions (known as a Waiver Process), as this is a lengthy process.
  • If trees are involved, you will need a tree removal permit.
  • You can also meet with a Zoning Information Specialist at the City of Miami's Miami Riverside Building (MRC), located at 444 SW 2nd Ave (4th floor) to get an understanding of what is allowed.