Report Graffiti on City Owned Property

Have you seen graffiti that you feel should be removed? The City will remove graffiti on certain public property such as electrical boxes, telephone poles, bridge structures and more.

Report by Phone

Make Sure the Graffiti is in the City of Miami.

The easiest way to determine this (approximately) is to click here - if the location (to the best of your knowledge) lies within the red outline, that is the City of Miami.  If not, you can call 311 to ask about other jurisdictions.

Determine if the Graffiti will be Removed.

  • The City will remove graffiti from electrical boxes, telephone poles, and bridge structures for free.
  • If graffiti is on private property, the process is handled by Code Compliance. Call (305) 416-2087 to inquire.

Record Location.

  • Try to provide specific graffiti location details (such as the nearest address, alleyway, landmark, etc.).
  • Sending a photo along with your request is very helpful.

Report Graffiti.

Call 311 to file a report.

Wait for Response.

If the graffiti meets the above criteria, the problem will usually be addressed within one to two weeks.