Report Work Without Permit

Have you seen construction taking place that you believe to be unpermitted? The City of Miami monitors all construction to ensure safety and maintain the quality of life for every neighborhood. 


Step 1.Record the Exact Address.

In order to best solve the problem, we need an address that is as exact as possible. Please record house number and street name when applicable, or the details of the adjacent properties. 

Step 2.Determine that the Property is in the City of Miami.

We can only cite properties within Miami City limits. This map will help guide you (The City of Miami falls within the red outline).  You can also do a property search here. If the folio number begins with "01" the property is in the City of Miami. 

Step 3.Report Property.

  • If you'd like to report the property anonymously, call 311.
  • If you'd like to give you name and/or receive updates, email
  • Call the local NET office for that property, which you can find here.

TIP: Hit search, enter your address, and click 'districts' to see your local NET office & phone #.

Step 4.Await Inspection.

An inspection of the property will take place within ten days. If work without permit is taking place, the property owner will be given a violation(s) and need to halt all work until properly permitted.