Request a Hearing for a Planning or Zoning Application

Have you submitted a special permit application that requires a public hearing by either the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board or the City Commission? You will find information on this page to assist you with requesting a public hearing for your special permit application.


Determine If You Can Request a Hearing

This refers to applications for Exceptions, Variances, Modifications of Covenants, Release of Covenants, Rezones, amendments to the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP), SAPs, development agreements, and the like, that need to have public hearings. 

It's important you submit your project plans and other documents to your Planning professionals in ePlan as early as possible.

Referral to Hearing Boards

Once your application has been batch stamped, it will be referred to Hearing Boards. You will be contacted by a Hearing Boards representative regarding next steps. A task will be sent to the Applicant through ProjectDox to upload all applicable Hearing Boards documents to a specific folder named “Quick Review”.  


Effective May 1, 2023, if an applicant’s request for a continuance, or deferral, of their public hearing is granted by the City Commission, then the applicant will be invoiced $1,500.00 for the cost to re-advertise the application’s public hearing.  This re-advertising cost will apply to an application that appears before the City Commission as an ordinance. The invoice will need to be paid before the City Commission considers the application.


All documents submitted for a public hearing become a public record available to anyone who seeks public information. It is important that you do not submit any sensitive information, such as social security numbers and driver's license numbers, as part of your application materials.


Documents You Will Need for Your Review with Hearing Boards

Hearing Boards staff will obtain all final documents stamped "Staff Review Complete" directly from ePlan to incorporate to your public hearing file.

You will need to upload all the following documents into the ProjectDox folder titled "Quick Review", using the indicated naming convention and in the following sequential order, immediately after batch stamp to prevent any delays with processing.

Before uploading, 1) remove any protections that will prohibit a document from being merged when being uploaded to the legislative file, and 2) “flatten” any pdf documents with electronic signatures that will prevent a document from being merged when being uploaded to the legislative file.


HB - 1 - Exhibit "A" Legal description and sketch for all subject property(ies)

HB - 2 - Signed and notarized Acknowledgment by Applicant(PDF, 49KB) 

HB - 3 - Proof of Lobbyist Registration (if applicable)

HB - 4 - Signed and notarized Affidavit of Authority to Act(PDF, 75KB)

HB - 5 - Signed Disclosure of Agreement to Support or Withhold Objection(PDF, 139KB)

HB - 6 - Disclosure of Ownership(PDF, 115KB) for all owners

HB - 7 - Disclosure of all contract purchasers

HB - 8 - Certificate of Status from Tallahassee dated within one (1) year of application for Profit and Non-profit owners and contract purchasers

HB - 9 - Corporate Resolution, or Power of Attorney, from all owners or Board of Directors providing authority to submit the application on behalf of the organization, if you are representing an organization

HB - 10 - Corporate Resolution, or Power of Attorney, from all contract purchasers of the property in question providing authority to submit the application on behalf of the organization, if you are representing an organization

HB - 11 - Non-profits, only:  List of Board of Directors (owners)

HB - 12 - Non-profits, only:  List of Board of Directors (contract purchasers of the property)

HB - 13 - Disclosure Affidavit of No Monies Due to the City (PDF, 180KB)

HB - 14 - Vacation and Street Closures, only: Confirmation Letter from City Regarding Use of Restricted Funds 

HB - 15 - Signed, attestation(PDF, 241KB) by person who prepared list of adjacent property owners within 500 feet

HB - 16 - (PDF, 147KB)Complete list of all property owners, in Excel(PDF, 353KB) format, not older than 6 months from today 

HB - 17 - Proof of no open code violation(s) and no open invoices on the subject property(ies). The report is valid up to 30 days from the report's processing date. Additional reports will be required if the reports have expired prior to the noticing of a public hearing date. Click here to do this.

HB - 18 - Proof of Full Payment of Invoice. At the time of your application with the Planning department, you received an invoice representing 50% of the total application fees you needed to pay before the application could be referred to Hearing Boards. 1) Upload a copy of the payment of the application fees invoiced by the Planning department. If you have any questions about this invoice, please contact your Planning department project manager. 2) After your application has been referred to Hearing Boards, also known as "Batch Stamp", you will receive an invoice from Hearing Boards staff for the remaining 50% of the application fees, plus all noticing fees, per the attached fee schedule(PDF, 518KB) . You must pay the invoice before your application may be scheduled for a public hearing. You may remit payment online at the following location PAY HERE


Review Documentation with Hearing Boards

  • Hearing Boards staff will review your paperwork for completeness. It is your responsibility that information and documentation provided to the City of Miami is accurate. 
  • If your documents are complete, you will be provided with your hearing date, time, and location. The hearing will usually take place within 45 days from the date of your submittal to Hearing Boards (assuming documents are correct).
  • If corrections need to be made, you will be able to do so in ProjectDox to present your revised documents.

TIP: Revise your ancillary documents quickly and leave enough time for before any deadlines. 


Public hearings will be scheduled in accordance with the City of Miami Code. The bi-annual cycle hearing deadlines are shown here.


Any documents offered to the PZAB and/or the City Commission, which have not been provided directly to Hearing Boards staff at least 14 days before the hearing as part of the agenda materials will need to be entered into the record by the requesting individual, or an authorized designee, on the day of the hearing, and at the discretion of the decision-making body.

Attend Hearing

Lastly, an authorized representative, or the applicant themselves, must attend the hearing. The published agenda will show all of your documentation.

At the hearing, you will be given a decision by the board.

Additional Information to Know Before Your Hearing

  • You will be responsible, if needed, to bring an interpreter for the English language to any presentation before the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board.
  • A valid power of attorney will be required if neither the applicant or legal counsel representing the applicant execute the application or desire to make a presentation before the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board and/or the City Commission.