Get a Zoning Verification Letter (ZVL)

Are you trying to find out the zoning laws or regulations of a property?

The City of Miami is happy to provide a written letter outlining the zoning laws of any property within city limits in order to help buyers, sellers, and business owners achieve their goals. This letter also includes the usage history of the site.


Determine the Property is in the City of Miami

You may conduct a property search here. If the property does not generate a result, it is not in the City of Miami limits.

Conduct Property Search Here
Tip: Hit 'search' to bring up the search bar, then search your address. 

Determine What You Want in the Letter

Zoning verification letters can include various pieces of information. Proper selection(s) with appropriate documents will speed up the process.  You may request:

  • Zoning Designation
  • Certificate of use Information
  • Subdivision of lots (this selection requires submission of survey(s)).
  • Setbacks (this selection requires submission of tax cards, surveys, and plans).
  • Non-conformities (this selection requires tax card(s), site plan(s), survey, floor plan(s), and elevation(s)).

Collect Documents

The information above determines the backup documents you need. These documents will need to be uploaded during your application process. 

  • Survey: This can be drawn up by an architect and needs to be certified by Public Works at (305) 416-1200.
  • Tax card, plans, floor plans, elevations, site plans, and more - be sure you have these items if needed, per above.  In order to get these documents, you can request building records here

Request your ZVL

Submit your application below, by clicking "apply now".

  • Each request carries a fee of $200 per folio.
  • As soon as you hit submit, an invoice number will be given to you. You can pay this invoice online, per the directions given.  NOTE: Your application will not be processed until you have paid your invoice. 

TIP: When you click the button below, be sure to select the "zoning verification letters" tab on the home screen.  You can login using a Google account, or create an account for this system. 

We Will Review Your Request

The zoning letter will be sent via email in twenty (20) business days. If information is missing from your application, you will be contacted by phone or email. 

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